Makeup,toothpaste,shampoo etc.

  gengiscant 15:45 11 Oct 2010

Again whilst flicking through the TV channels in the small hours I came across a long advert type program for something called Sheercover (ladies face stuff).
Which mention in its sales pitch some of its ingredients:
Anti-aging Green tea????
SDF15 ????
Then you have Pro-Argin??? in a toothpaste brand.
Which made me think of all the other products like womans make up, shampoos etc that are advertised as having some sort of chemical compound or other.
Do advertisers think that we all have some sort of chemistry degree? Are we supposed to be impressed?
I'm just bemused.

Oh and whilst I am on the subject of ad's can a thing be both new and improved?

  Terry Brown 15:51 11 Oct 2010

When it says New or Improved, it normally means they have made a minor change to the ingredients and want to charge a lot more.

  cycoze 15:58 11 Oct 2010

I find it funny when you read the small print on the screen ie: 82% of 98 women who responded agreed!

Major TV campaign and they could only get 98 Women to take part in the survey, not very convincing.

  morddwyd 17:45 11 Oct 2010

Not only both new and improved, but new improved original (Werthers's)

  spuds 19:35 11 Oct 2010

Have you ever seen some of the female celebrities without make-up on. You would think that they were two different people from real life and fantasy life ;o))

  gengiscant 19:53 11 Oct 2010

I must lead a very sheltered life judging by your statement,'The trick is to invent a sciencey type of name which is similar to people already trust' I for one have never heard of SPF 15 or is this a woman thing.

What about 'Argin' then, what is that similar to?

  Quiller. 20:12 11 Oct 2010

You have fallen for it to.

' name which is similar to people already trust'

fourm member is similar to Forum member but you know that you can trust Forum members ;-)

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