Makes no sense

  interzone55 17:10 27 Jul 2009

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A serial bigamist has been given a 10 month sentence suspended for 2 years after a 5th wedding.

Fair enough, but in 2002 she was jailed for 6 months after her 4th wedding.

So let me get this right, after being found guilty a second time the effective sentence is actually lighter?

Me no understand...

  spuds 17:22 27 Jul 2009

The prisons are full, so the guidelines say reduce ;o))

  Blackhat 17:36 27 Jul 2009

This woman lives in a fantasy world.
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The report I heard on the radio explained that imprisonment would not help her mental state.

I wonder if her comments about becoming a nun will hold out?

  Forum Editor 18:08 27 Jul 2009

if she doesn't re-offend. If she tries to marry anyone else within the next two years she'll go to prison for 10 months.

  peter99co 18:42 27 Jul 2009

Well said!

  Quickbeam 19:38 27 Jul 2009

I've never understood why bigamy in the 21st century gets a custodial sentence. In pre-war Britain the scandal would have been socially shocking and had vicars wives all in a cold sweat and a tizz, but jail for it in 2009, especially when knife wielding thugs get nothing more than a good telling off...

  JanetO 09:43 28 Jul 2009

My husband's tribe is Luo. In Kenya he's allowed as many wives as he wants.

But over my dead body ;0)

  jakimo 10:21 28 Jul 2009

and how many husbands do you fancy

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