Make a wish.....

  Forum Editor 23:43 24 Aug 2009

Not just any old wish - we want to hear from you with your suggestions for things we might do to enhance your enjoyment of our site. Tell us what you would like to see - or not see - and we'll add your ideas to our list. I'm not promising that all your suggestions will be acted upon, but I guarantee that we'll give careful consideration to every one of them.

Post your ides here, but please don't hold your breath; nothing is going to happen overnight

Hands up that boy who said 'get a new Forum Editor'

  WhiteTruckMan 00:03 25 Aug 2009

Now what are your other two wishes..

But seriously, I've had one wish granted already as to the appearance of the site. Asking for another may be pushing my luck, but as we're being asked I'd like the facility to see threads that I have started highlighted in the my postings section. Maybe the ability to search for threads originated by a (specified) user but that isnt as important to me.

Reason for asking is on a number of occasions I have been looking for something that I have asked in the past but have been unable to locate the thread in question.


  Forum Editor 00:09 25 Aug 2009

In the meantime....

A neat way of tracking threads or posts is to paste the urls into a spreadsheet with an appropriate text reminder for each one. It's very easy to do, and works extremely well. You can run your own searches when the list gets sizeable.

  dagnammit 00:24 25 Aug 2009

A reply button that automatically names the person you're responding to and gives the option to quote?

On the mobile site a Top & Bottom jump button and a link for my postings.

  Forum Editor 00:55 25 Aug 2009

How could a reply button know which of several people you were responding to?

  Si_L 00:57 25 Aug 2009

A feature I've always found useful on other forums is when the link to the thread is a different colour if no new posts have been made since you last viewed it.

  Si_L 00:59 25 Aug 2009

I think he means a button next to their name, like the yellow envelope.

  dagnammit 01:07 25 Aug 2009

A reply button appears on every post in the thread and usually appears botton right on the post. Though due to the layout on here it would probably go beside the date.

Anyway my main ones are about the mobile site ;)

  I am Spartacus 01:11 25 Aug 2009

I really dislike the having an automatic option to quote. While some people do currently copy and paste relevant bits into their reply the threads I've seen on other forums with this facility often contain hundreds of line of quotes with the same quotes repeated and repeated with just a few lines of relevance in the replies

  Si_L 01:13 25 Aug 2009

Yeah I have to add that part of the excellence of this forum is its simplicity, too many forums get carried away with the extra bits and it can just make a page confusing.

  dagnammit 01:14 25 Aug 2009

Okay. Disregard my requests for the main site, the mobile site suggestions though???

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