Major Labels Allow P2P Music Sharing

  DieSse 15:07 27 Jan 2008
  Forum Editor 19:12 27 Jan 2008

in one case, anyway, and the reason is because QTrax, the operators of the service, are paying most of the revenue they receive from advertising back to the rights holders. The music companies will have a revenue stream, and so will independent rights holders, once they've been identified by QTrax - who will pocket the remainder.

The scheme will work if QTrax can attract enough advertisers, and they should be able to do that without any difficulty. A service that permits consumers to download music legally, with the full support and cooperation of the copyright holders should do very well indeed.

At last the industry is taking a step - albeit a tentative one - in the right direction.

  al7478 19:24 27 Jan 2008

Funnilly enough FE, thats exactly what the link says ;)

Better to have a few good download stores and to sort out the silly DRM situation and sell music in a decent format if you ask me, but you did'nt so ill shut up lol! But yes, its a, clumsy trip, in the right direction.

  Forum Editor 23:39 27 Jan 2008

"thats exactly what the link says"

What is?

  al7478 23:54 27 Jan 2008

Your first paragraph, pretty much. Ignore me. My weak idea of a joke. seemed amusing at the time. No offence intended.

  Forum Editor 00:06 28 Jan 2008

None taken - I just didn't understand what you meant.

  interzone55 10:08 28 Jan 2008

To get a bit of perspective on the hysteria surrounding this announcement read this...

click here

basically the 25m tracks this company has claimed they're basically downloading everything off the Gnutella P2P network, removing any of the malware infected tracks the RIAA have dropped on there and any tracks they cannot distribute (such as Madonna & the Beatles) and then adding adverts & DRM to the tracks.

Seeing as they couldn't get this to work under the name SpiralFrog, I wonder how successful they'll be under the name QTrax?

  DieSse 21:39 28 Jan 2008

It now seems they announced a tad too soon - before any firm agreements even!

  Forum Editor 23:35 28 Jan 2008

there's a surprise.

  al7478 00:36 30 Jan 2008

Amason do non DRM music in their download store i think. Does anyone know more about how they do things...?

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