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  morddwyd 10:13 17 Nov 2010

I'm not for a moment suggesting that Tommy Sheridan is as white as the driven snow, and I think both he and Gail will be lucky not to get suites at Barlinnie and Cornton Vale, but I am beginning to get the impression that people are queueing for the chance to stitch him up.

Some of the witnesses have been paid thousands by the News of the World.

  wiz-king 10:16 17 Nov 2010

What are you on about - give us poor English a clue?

  Quickbeam 10:21 17 Nov 2010

It's one of those Scots things, just like the 'English Go Home' graffiti scrawled on the back of every welcome to Scotland sign, despite the Scots being well settled around the globe.

There, that's the cat set amongst the pigeons for today...

  morddwyd 10:30 17 Nov 2010


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  jakimo 11:38 17 Nov 2010

I thought this forum was for everyone,and not just for those who live in the wilderness

  morddwyd 11:39 17 Nov 2010

"For me, it's a real plague on all their houses situation."

I certainly agree with that.

I'm not saying that witnesses were paid to give evidence, simply that witnesses had been paid.

"The editor also admitted the paper offered money to Katrine Trolle and Anvar Khan, two women with whom it is alleged Sheridan had sexual relationships."

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  spuds 11:39 17 Nov 2010

" ..if a defendant perjures himself during a trial for perjury".

Think MP, bows and arrows and a best seller book-writer perhaps, plus a couple of other or more previous MP's might provide an answer?.

  wee eddie 12:33 17 Nov 2010

have a look at Tommy Sheridan's past, he's not exactly one of Nature's Gentlemen.

It's just that, at long last, there's a chink in his armour.

  gengiscant 12:41 17 Nov 2010

He is also one of natures orange people, I have always been a bit wary of people who use sun beds and look so appallingly orange.

  961 13:56 17 Nov 2010

Can anyone shed light on who is paying for all this?

  zzzz999 06:59 18 Nov 2010

961 - the loser will be paying

This is pure theatre and is a much welcome diversion from Celebrity Jungle or whatever its called. Tommy and Gail won £200,000 damages against the News of the World. Tommy defended himself in court against the NOTW's top barrister and Tommy won after it became impossible to find 15 jurors in Scotland who would support the News of the World in a defamation case. The crown decided that this tragedy only happened because Tommy perjured himself giving evidence and have taken the rarely taken decision to enact this trial. What has come out during the trial has been the makings of a quite brillianty carry on movie and without prejudicing the trial Tommy and Gail look banged to rights. However, and its a big however, I am still not sure they will be able to find 15 jurors in Scotland who can stomach siding with the News of the World (I know this is now the crown versus Sheridan, but its still viewed by many as the previous trial).

There will almost certainly be a film :-)

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