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  kidsis 13:42 07 Jul 2010

hi, on monday evening I found a note pushed through my letterbox stating that the writer had ordered something but it was sent to the "wrong address", and when it arrived could I call him (mobile number of course). The note was virtually unreadable, but he put an english name at the end. I immediately smelt a rat. The next day along came the postman with a sign-for package. I refused to accept it as I had not purchased anything. I then went to the sorting office and had a word with the manager who explained that it may have been someone acting in a criminal manner - wanting eg an untraceable phone sent to my address rather than his own. He showed me The package and it was the right size to contain a phone. He also warned me to check my bank account in case my card had been compromised.

Anyway one group turned up in a battered old van and sent a young boy to the door. I ignored it. Later another young gent arrived and banged on the door for some time. I ignored it. This morning, when I could see other people around that I knew, he turned up again. I shouted through the door that the package was at the sorting office and he did not seem too pleased, but at least he went away.

I am posting this as a warning to others - if this is a scam don't be fooled into thinking you are "doing someone a favour", just don't accept anything from the postman that needs signing for if you have not ordered anything; ignore any letters like this that are put through your door. The sorting office manager said that it is a known ploy and that these people pick addresses at random. It is a shame to be so suspicious, but there are now so many criminals coming in to the country we have to be so careful.

  spuds 14:19 07 Jul 2010

This as been going around for some time now. Pity that you didn't get the vehicle registration number, then handed it to the police and perhaps Royal Mail Investigations.

A photograph or prompt telephone call to the police might have also helped.

  Forum Editor 17:51 07 Jul 2010

coming in to the country"

I doubt that there are any more coming in now than have been coming in since time immemorial. Lots of our home grown criminals go to other European countries, so we're probably about quits.

The scam you almost became a victim of has been around for a while, but it doesn't so any harm to keep people aware of it - thank you for posting the information.

Any chance you could give us a rough idea of the location? You don't need to go into details, the name of a town would be great, so others who may live in the area can be extra vigilant.

  john 52 18:14 07 Jul 2010

Why did you just not contact the police as spuds has stated ???
I believe if you are registered for home-watch updates by email it would provide a warning to locals in your area about the scam and you never know your luck the police may even have got interested in it

  kidsis 11:32 09 Jul 2010

hi, I did actually speak to the police on tuesday, before I thought of posting on this forum on wednesday - they were very interested, took notes and said that the info I had given would be passed on to other areas. It's nice to know they do this.

FE - just north of London. But tbh the M25 makes it easy for crims to travel anywhere. They milk one area for a week or two, then move on which I guess is why the police pass the info around.

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