Magic moments - what are yours?

  Forum Editor 22:50 29 Aug 2010

I've been talking about the human psyche with my wife - she's a professional, and I'm not. We have a weekend entirely alone for a change; all the children are away from their respective homes for the Bank holiday.

We got around to talking about those moments in life when you are completely relaxed and happy. There are many of them, but for me one of the greatest pleasures is to sit in the sun at the edge of our pond and watch what goes on. We have a huge swathe of lavender there, and on a hot day it's alive with bees - both honey and bumble - and the pond is home to damselflies and dragon flies. I never tire of the beauty of it all, and feel totally at peace when I'm there.

What does it for you?

  Brumas 22:58 29 Aug 2010

When my son phones me up, which isn’t very often and he sounds full of the joys of spring - he has adult ADHD and is Bipolar - so all is well with the world for the time being and it stops me worrying for a while.

  MAJ 23:03 29 Aug 2010

Something slightly different to yours, FE, in late Autumn or early winter. Sitting by the side of a lake, fishing line in the water, rain lashing from the sky and the wind gently blowing the trees on the opposite bank, pure heaven on earth.

  Uboat 23:03 29 Aug 2010

Peter, i am in a similar way to yourself! i dont like what most people my age (38 yrs old) do and thats like parties lots of alcohol and a fast enviroment,

I would love to be back living in the countryside like i was 16 years ago, where i was brought up was unique because we had a 100 meter private drive with a cul-de-sac and just 6 houses there, they was no houses for about half a mile and i loved it in a winter when we saw the deer's jumping the bushes & to see the pheasant's more so when it was thick snow, I'd love to have a pond they are lovely when all is quiet jsut to hear the sound of water and one thing that is a lovely sound is to hear a Cuckoo chanting in the distance, i dont i could realy ask for a better atmosphere tbh..

  Forum Editor 23:07 29 Aug 2010

I enjoy a bit of fishing myself - partly for the solitude, a rare commodity in my daily life. I'm not sure I would include 'the rain lashing down' in a magic moment, but the rest of it certainly qualifies.

  Forum Editor 23:08 29 Aug 2010

I spent a fair bit of my childhood and teenage years living in the countryside, and I know what you mean.

  spuds 23:11 29 Aug 2010

In my travelling days, it was leaving an airport, getting on a motorway and watching all the direction signs heading home. The happy and relaxed soon changed a few days later, when I was doing the reverse journey, not knowing when I would be happy and relaxed again.

Nowadays its just relaxing,living simple, and enjoying all the every day things in life, whether thats sitting in the garden hammock, listening to the water cascading into the pond, or going for a nice casual stroll with the dogs taking in some pleasant rural scenery, with all its mysteries.

  Forum Editor 23:24 29 Aug 2010

"living simple, and enjoying all the every day things in life".

My wife would tell you that she constantly hears me saying "Keep it simple" whenever we get to discussing what we should do or where we should go, what we should eat, etc., etc., with whom, and when.

I'm a great believer in trying to simplify daily life as much as possible, although I have to admit that it can't always be achieved.

  MAJ 23:40 29 Aug 2010

"I'm not sure I would include 'the rain lashing down' in a magic moment... "

I know, not a lot of people would, including most of my fishing mates, but when the rain is beating off my hood, when the raindrops are dripping off my eyelashes, when the goosebumps are rising on my back, those are the days when I feel most alive.

  Quickbeam 23:41 29 Aug 2010

I've just got back from an afternoon out and found a cold Beck's at the back of the carrots when I didn't think there would be one... life's even more simples at times!

  WhiteTruckMan 23:45 29 Aug 2010

-or even the cab, if I've been sleeping in it, just at sunup on a summer morning, nice and early when there is no-one around, no traffic noises, only the sound of birds in the trees. An added bonus is if its been raining heavily and only just stopped, and the air is freshly clean of pollens etc so I can take a big, deep breath and not be worried about my occasional hay fever.


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