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  morddwyd 08:47 05 Sep 2012

This thread is really for the attention of the editorial staff, but perhaps others may wish to comment.

After quite a few years I have cancelled my subscription to PCA, not because I no longer like it, but because I am increasingly unable to read bigger and bigger chunks.

A less than ideal font, on less than good quality paper, coupled with thoughtless graphics means that with ongoing sight problems I simply cannot read it.

White print is never a good idea; when it is placed on a grey or blue background it becomes unreadable, even with a powerful magnifier, mainly because of contrast problems.

I would like to try the on-line version, where at least I can control the font and colours (as I do with this site) but I am unable to find any way of buying one copy at a time, without an ongoing commitment (except for old copies).

Perhaps the Subscription and Circulation managers could pool some ideas?

  wiz-king 08:59 05 Sep 2012

You are not alone - I have fairly good eyesight but even so struggle to read some magazines where some silly graphics person has decided to print over a design or photo with white or yellow text, it may be OK on a PC screen that is transmissive but on paper which is reflective it looks terrible.

  Woolwell 10:19 05 Sep 2012

You can view one copy at a time with Zinio Zinio single issues but not sure that you can change colours.

I agree entirely about the choices of font and colour of text and backgrounds. Fancy graphics may look nice but in practice do not work.

  spuds 11:32 05 Sep 2012

Many years ago, I was involved with our local branch for the blind and impaired sighted. They were heavily involved with publications and websites designs, and the knowledge from the people involved was very high.

Yet I often wonder if these type of knowledgeable people are ever consulted, as a first course of action for information?.

Regarding subscriptions to magazines, I use to subscribe to many on a monthly basis, but now down to one one a fortnightly basis.


  Condom 11:40 05 Sep 2012


You are certainly not alone. I'm pretty sure I can remember a similar discussion a few years ago when PCA said they understood the problem and would do something about nothing. I cancelled my subscription and moved over to Computer Active which always has readable content plus my "fix" every 2 weeks rather than 4 weeks. 

  spuds 11:44 05 Sep 2012


I subscribe to that magazine, but that publication is changing in its format, and more so recently!. 

  BT 12:07 05 Sep 2012

Its not just magazines, but the instructions on food packaging are getting to the point where I have to use a magnifying glass to read some of them. Apart from the minute typefaces, the use of none contrasting colours is getting more prevalent.

The offerings from the likes of Lidl and Aldi are probably the worst as they are having to put the instructions in multiple languages, and so it ends up with a huge block of type in about 3 or 4 point which is almost impossible to decipher. Although its becoming more and more usual on some British made products where they are destined for export as well. Back in the day manufacturers had different packaging for export goods but I suppose its more economical to have just one package with multiple languages these days. 

  Condom 12:15 05 Sep 2012


Yes Computer Active has changed its format in recent issues and the changes have been mostly received very well. Inside they have introduced some more pastel shades but they have retained the black print so it is always readable. The only white print they use is on the front cover but again it is very readable. 

  morddwyd 17:47 05 Sep 2012

"You can view one copy at a time with Zinio"

Yes but only back copies.

Hence my reference to "old copies"

For instance, the latest one available in your link is October, and we've long moved on from that.

  KRONOS the First 17:51 05 Sep 2012


You are having a laugh, the latest version of PCAdvisor on Zinio is last October?

  Quickbeam 18:29 05 Sep 2012

There seems to be quite a deafening silence from PCA so far...

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