Is this madness?

  charmingman 14:08 11 Jul 2008

My son of five yrs old has gone to school today & his class had a adventure day where they all walk about 1 half miles to a kids adventure playground thats covered as its in a warehouse style building, due to the weather been so bad i asked them this morning how are they getting there & the teacher replied "Walking" thats amile & a half for a class of five year old but my issue wasnt that it was this, i told the teacher my son would be takin a Umbrella as its pouring down here & she replied "NO" you cannot its due to health & saftey laws in case he hurts someone with it & guess what its 2 pm & its BELTING down here & they have to walk home which i am NOT happy about...they should of booked a bus or not gone at all..Health & saftey laws come on...

  cluckinbell 14:20 11 Jul 2008

I seem to remember a waterproof jacket served me really well in the lakes last week in torrential rain. They are children, so long as you dressed him properly with a coat he will be fine.

  dagbladet 14:24 11 Jul 2008

"...they should of booked a bus" = too expensive = trip cancelled = dissapointed kids

"...or not gone at all" = trip cancelled = dissapointed kids

Walk in the rain = Wet happy kids

  cluckinbell 14:29 11 Jul 2008

I dont want to appear critical but can you see the irony in moaning about Elf & Safety and then yourself moaning about children having to walk an entire 1.5 miles in the rain?

People talk about the happy days of their childhood, where actions had consequences and grazed knees were to be boasted about to friends. We talk about how moden life and over the top health and safety is depriving them of the childhood we had, as a child i walked a couple miles to school every day, rain or shine. I had a very untrendy blue duffle coat that got sodden in heavy rain, thats life. Humans are waterproof, let them walk in the rain and play in the puddles, dont coop them up on a bus afraid they will melt if they get a bit wet.

  Chris the Ancient 14:37 11 Jul 2008

I don't know the original source, but Billy Connolly put it succinctly...
"There's no such thing as bad weather - just bad clothing".

When I were a lad (many, many years ago), I had to walk to and fro between school and home every day over about a distance of 1 mile each way. Whatever the weather, I was dressed for it.

  DippyGirl 15:04 11 Jul 2008

Oh dear !
As others have said - get him a coat. He wont shrink he wont go rusty .
This is so indicative of the nanny mentality that is all consuming these days.

  charmingman 15:22 11 Jul 2008

upps i did foget to mention i called them and asked if i could pick my son up from the adventure place but they said NO as they went in a group & must come back as a group,Maybe your all right it could well be me but i was concern that he catch a cold please bare in mind it was BELTING down there was no one in the streets, as for dagbladet reply they normaly book a bus & all the parents pay £2.50 but for some reason they didnt..?

  Cymro. 15:24 11 Jul 2008

charmingman is a parent and that is just what parents do they worry too much about their children. Somebody once worried about us and I dare say that some of us have also worried about our children. That is how it has always been and always will be.

Let us all know when he arrives home charmingman and what state he is in. I bet he will have had a very good day and probably not given you or your worries a moments thought. That is just what children do.

  dagbladet 15:28 11 Jul 2008

" for dagbladet reply they normaly book a bus & all the parents pay £2.50 but for some reason they didnt..?"

Because it's only 1 and a half miles away, and diesel costs £1000 a litre?

  Cymro. 15:42 11 Jul 2008

Very good point there dagbladet and anyway they would be better off buying the kids a load of sweets they can walk the extra calories off on the walk home and enjoy the day even more.
Buses who need buses? only wimps go by bus.

  Forum Editor 15:54 11 Jul 2008

will come to no harm at all by walking in the rain. They'll get wet, but provided they have suitable clothing they'll be fine - evolution has ensured that we can cope with rain, and you don't catch colds by getting wet, you catch them by inhaling the virus.

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