Madeleine parents deny involvement

  royalflush 13:57 06 Jun 2007


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  Jackcoms 14:01 06 Jun 2007

"I have never heard before that anyone considers us suspects in this and the Portuguese police certainly don't."

That would be the same Portuguese police who last week engaged the services of spiritualists and mediums to help them in their search, would it?

  newman35 14:25 06 Jun 2007

In the earlier thread, click here , some posters implied that at some stage the same 'media' that have run the agenda would eventually turn on the parents - is this the tipping point?

  GANDALF <|:-)> 14:29 06 Jun 2007

It would have been the first question that I asked were I at the press conference.


  lisa02 14:43 06 Jun 2007

This story has not seemed right to me from day one.

What kind of parents leave their kids and go for dinner?

  Jackcoms 15:48 06 Jun 2007

"What kind of parents leave their kids and go for dinner?"

The same kind of parents, apparently, who leave their kids and go off trolling around Europe holding 'press conferences'.

  whatustaring@ 15:57 06 Jun 2007

lisa02 & Jackcoms(reply just b4 this) VERY good points there...!!!

& i also agree thoroughly with GANDALF <|:-)>

lets see what Forum Editor says??

  Cymro. 15:57 06 Jun 2007

If we made a list of all the possible things that may have happened to Madeleine, surely the

involvement of the parents would be the very last thing we would consider. I know that

fact is ofter stranger than fiction, but this suggestion is ridiculous, isn't it?

  dagbladet 16:00 06 Jun 2007

"lets see what Forum Editor says??"

Why? Has he got some inside info?

  lisa02 16:01 06 Jun 2007

That the parents where involved?

I have a feeling they where and have said it from day one. As I said something is not right.

To go out for dinner and leave very young children unattended in a foreign country warrants some serious questions in my opinion.

  Cymro. 16:20 06 Jun 2007

I dare say that one day whatever the outcome books will be written and films made about

this case. Some one is sure to come up with some conspiracy theory or other if only

to increase the sales of their book. The press love such things and are only too glad

to let the story run and run.

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