Made the last ten years.....

  Seth Haniel 09:47 15 Dec 2009

without calling it the 'Noughties' and never will refer to them ass such.

But notice quite a few articles in the last week refering to them as such.

  Quiller. 10:09 15 Dec 2009

What do we have on Jan 1st, apart from a hangover.

The ten's
The X years.
The inbetweenies. As in inbetween the Noughties and twentyies.

  Monoux 10:23 15 Dec 2009

for 2011 we can have Elevenses -- Tea/ coffee anyone ?

  peter99co 12:28 15 Dec 2009
  peter99co 15:45 15 Dec 2009

The years from 2010 to 2020 could be called the Digitals

  Seth Haniel 15:45 15 Dec 2009

judging by all the climate reports etc,.
it could be called 'Armagedon' :(

  peter99co 16:03 15 Dec 2009

Keep your digits warm then because the East Wind Doth Blow.

  Kevscar1 16:11 15 Dec 2009

They will be known as the Tensies

  Simsy 22:47 15 Dec 2009

the subjects when Elizabeth 1 was queen are referred to as "the Elizabethans", under Edward as "Edwardians"...

In a similar way, in the not too distant future we are all going to be known as "Charlies"!



  MAJ 23:07 15 Dec 2009

"in the not too distant future we are all going to be known as "Charlies"!"

At least I'll be gorn before it's the Willies...

  cream. 10:09 16 Dec 2009

The conservative monarchist party.

Will be right Charlies.

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