newman35 20:53 29 Jun 2009

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Ah well - that's life I suppose!

(The old ones are best?)

  interzone55 21:22 29 Jun 2009

Will they make sure he stays in his cell until the 150 years are up.

They may want to stock up on air-fresheners...

  Kevscar1 00:11 30 Jun 2009

Can you imagine any of our Judges giving that sort of sentence, he'd have probably got probation

  newman35 07:04 30 Jun 2009

Their way of saying 'life' means life, whereas here 'life' can mean whatever you want it to mean - anything from a few years to whole life.
At least you know where you are with 150 years!

  laurie53 08:23 30 Jun 2009

There was a case reported over the weekend where somebody got life and the prosecution is considering an appeal because it was too lenient.

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The whole UK sentencing policy is a mockery.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 08:36 30 Jun 2009

The only reason that he pleaded guilty was so that his family did not have to be questionned about some rather dubious acts. They have got off.


  interzone55 09:45 30 Jun 2009

Life has never meant life here.

There is however a "Whole Life Tariff" which does mean life without parole, it's used in very rare cases.
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What a stunning knee jerk reaction. If you look at UK sentencing, the punishment for financial crimes such as fraud and bank robbery tends to be stiffer than the punishment for murder. This is because the judicial system was set up to punish crimes against the ruling classes rather than crimes against the public...

  user8 10:19 01 Jul 2009

After how many years will he be able to apply for parole?

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