A Mad, Mad computer world!

  LastChip 20:19 11 Sep 2005

Taken from another thread I contributed to:

"Glad you had such a good experience with PC World. Don't forget to install AV, a firewall, MS AntiSpyware, Adaware, Spybot and A Squared ... the others will remind me if there's anything I've forgotten."......Kate B

Of course, Kate B is absolutely right, but it suddenly struck me, not one of these "required" (dare I say essential) programs is productive.

The gentleman concerned bought a computer for his son to go to university with and before he even thinks about loading productive software, he has to go to significant lengths just to protect the machine from morons intent on destroying, or at least causing significant frustration.

So while most of us would be totally lost without a computer, how far have we really progressed in the past ten years and to what extent, should we be required to protect our property knowing that the authorities seem powerless to act?

  lotvic 23:06 11 Sep 2005

"""to what extent, should we be required to protect our property knowing that the authorities seem powerless to act? """

I'd say we have to go all the way best we can. Same as locking your doors and windows on your home, cars etc and putting in burglar alarms.

  p;3 01:44 12 Sep 2005

if you look at lots of threads on this forum alone, many folks have gotten themselves into huge problems ( or others havce done it for them)by not having adequate pc protection; it is foolhardy nowadays with all the stuff that cna be thrown at us to have an unprotected pc; the minimum basics are as suggested in the opening comments.; if you do not have them and have an internet enabled and use it pc, and take on board e mails etc, an infection will soon come and hit you; you do not HAVE to have anything on there to protect it; but if you do not ,just wait until the pc slows to a crawl, starts doing odd things..and.."bob"s your uncle":))

  Chegs ® 21:05 13 Sep 2005

I own a Laptop,I was lent a wireless LAN to use with it,I have read reams of posts from folk asking for assistance rectifying unwanted intrusions on their PC as they hadn't got Adaware/Spybot/AV.etc or firewall.Imagine my surprise when out with the WiFi "dongle?" at the large numbers of totally unprotected Wireless routers I could locate and log into their Internet connection,or worse,browse their PC files.If I was feeling remotely vindictive,I could alter the cfg of their router to lock them out of their connection.

  jack 09:09 14 Sep 2005

In another post, I enquired if any one was aware of a 'virus' that 'planted' porn into a computer.
I asked because this is what was implied to me by a friend with this alleged problem, asking me to go look see.
When I arrived he showed me countless images from
A 'Randy Housewives' site.

He is in his seventies ditto his wife and he assures me she is the main user ['I dont know nuffin me' he said]e-mailing son and wife in places abroad.
I explained that this sort of thing simply does not appear- it has to be obtained as a deliberate act-
So some one has been playing games with his machine.
He lives in rural area.
So not wishing to stir things I simply removed it and said if he want to go deeper he will have be prepared to answer some search questions -like was it a 'new' computer? Who put the broad band in for you?
But I prefer to let sleeping dogs lie, and am aware how the unsuspecting joe public treat their computers just like washing machine without realizing the dangers they could put them selves into -yet another upright citizen could be in hot water with inappropriate downloads, that they knew nothing about.

  tell_boy 10:27 14 Sep 2005

Jack you say

"I explained that this sort of thing simply does not appear- it has to be obtained as a deliberate act"

I assure you it does...I do not know how but it does without me going off looking for it.

My Norton Anti Spam file is full of it in Outlook Express, plus adverts for all sorts of gadgets and pills

  Pidder 11:22 14 Sep 2005

I have recently got a Medion Laptop which I see has a wireless LAN facility incorporated. I haven't switched this on as I don't know enough about it. If it was switched on could other computers access mine without my knowledge?

  wee eddie 13:25 14 Sep 2005

"Randy Housewives" is unlikely to get anyone into trouble.

It may not be to his wife's taste or yours but that is about all that can be said.

Most folk are inquisitive and becoming 70+ does not reduce this facility. However, someone new to computing may not be aware of the ability of some sites to make "under the counter" connections with other sites, and they might then find that they have collected more than they bargained for!

It does little good to rush around telling him that a little innocuous porn is a swift route to Pentonville. Better, perhaps, to explain how these things come about and let him take the necessary precautions when he next surfs the Net.

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