Mad & Bad Drivers

  pcmags 17:51 21 Jan 2009

Just come back from a few days away in the West Country.
Staying with friends with no internet!

Driving back today & the Police had closed part of the A30 off due to black ice.
Even on the A303 it was dodgy in some places early morning.
BUT some drivers were still driving at dangerous speeds for the conditions.

  ronalddonald 19:10 21 Jan 2009

when they have a nasty accident they realise the should of slowd down rather drive at speed.

  Cymro. 15:17 22 Jan 2009

I was never a nervous driver but black ice is the one thing I do hate more then any of the other bad weather conditions.

I have always felt that with snow, fog, heavy rain whatever at least you can see the danger and so drive accordingly. If I just think there is a chance of ice I always drive as if it is icy.

  Chegs ®™ 15:54 22 Jan 2009

Having encountered black ice one evening whilst driving home,I have no qualms about police closing roads(I tried to turn right & ended up going cross-country,round the back of a tree & then returning to the road)I have also been delicately descending a steep hill in the snow,when some utter moron chose to overtake in their pickup,I had the last laugh though as it failed to negotiate the bend ahead and thumped into a wall.

  wiz-king 16:21 22 Jan 2009

Worse than black ice is freezing rain. I have only met it once, the rain froze as soon as it came in contact with anything - ground, cars and everything - instant coating of ice about 5mm thick!
I was working in a garage at the time and the phone never stopped ringing but we could not get the breakdown truck out of the yard because of the ice, about an hour later it had all melted and then we could get out to clear the wrecks.

  ened 16:29 22 Jan 2009

They didn't just close part of the A30 - Apparently it was closed from Okehampton to Bodmin, which is about 45 miles.

Chegs ®™ Did you stop to help?

  pcmags 17:15 22 Jan 2009

Saw 2 cars that had crashed 1 into a hedge & the other into the central reservation!

  shellship 18:25 22 Jan 2009

In 1960 when I was young and reckless I hit black ice on Soutra Hill in the Borders. I learnt my lesson and have always since, like Cymro, been careful.

  laurie53 19:46 22 Jan 2009

Far too many people blame black ice when in fact it is just ordinary ice, which you should be well aware of. If the roads are wet and the temperature is below freezing ice will form and that should be fairly common knowledge.

True black ice is when rain falls and although the air temperature is not freezing the ground temperature is, particularly in dips and frost hollows, like bends under trees.

As the rain hits the road it freezes and forms just that, black ice, totality indistinguishable from an ordinary wet road.

It is not nearly so common as the press and tv would have us believe.

  Spark6 20:06 22 Jan 2009

I learnt my lesson riding a motorbike to work one very cold morning. Travelling down a slight incline the bike went from underneath me and I ended up sliding on my back. My suit and ex-army haversack saved me from too much damage but the haversack buckles took a pounding. Bike was alright though, still ticking over when I got to it!

  wee eddie 21:20 22 Jan 2009

I'm with you on the Black Ice bit.

It also occurs when temperatures have been below Zero for several days, the sun can be hot enough to melt the Surface Ice, because the Road is Black Tar Mac, but it then refreezes immediately because the Ground temperature is well below Zero.

In East Anglia, where I grew up, we had another type of Ice. Pink Ice ~ Mostly found late on a Saturday Night!

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