M25 Travel advice

  Noldi 20:32 23 Jan 2008

Not a computer question so I put this in speakers corner.

After 8+ years of living out of England I’ve been approached to work back in England. This would involve me travelling along the M25 every day between the M23 J8 and I believe J11 Woking. does anybody have an Idea what this section is like and what are the times to avoid.
After living in a public transport friendly country all these years and my memory’s of the M25 are making this a bit of a stumbling block.


  Clapton is God 20:42 23 Jan 2008

The section is particularly awful in rush hour.

The times to avoid, ideally, are any time between 1st January and 31st December each year.

To give an example, I started a new job in September 2007 which required me to use the M25 between the M23 (junction 7; not 8 as you state) and junction 9 (Leatherhead).

In my first 5 working days (10 journeys); what should have been a door-to-door journey each way of 35 minutes, took me 10 different times varying between 35 minutes (just one journey) and 80 minutes!


  Noldi 21:23 23 Jan 2008

Many moons ago I worked in Chessington and if you where on the M25 before about 7am and after about 6 in the eve it was not that bad.
Last summer when I drove back to UK it took me 3 hours from the Eurotunnel to M23 between 7am - 10am so thats why Im not to sure if I should even start the ball rolling on this one.


  Bingalau 21:53 23 Jan 2008

Maybe with the aid of a Sat-Nav you could go a different route. Avoid the M25 altogether if you can. Have a good study of a map now and see if there is an alternative.

  Noldi 22:03 23 Jan 2008

Its not realy a flexi time job and it isnt 9-5 for sure, I can start early because I will be heading a department, I have always been a earl bird and in Winter I wont leave before 7pm as that is our industries busy time. I do have a Sat Nav but as I dont have comuting problems at the moment I dont have experience how good they are.


  Forum Editor 23:57 23 Jan 2008

to anyone who wants to know what a piano wire feels like.

I drive it regularly, in company with thousands of my fellow masochists. We usually manage it without totalling ourselves and three or four fellow travellers in the adjoining lanes, but it's a close-run thing. It's particularly enjoyable at around 7:00 a.m. in winter, when it's still pitch dark and probably raining.

Stay where you are, and retain your sanity. If you do decide to become one of the lemmings, I'm the one in the silver car with the terrified look on his face.

  BT 08:14 24 Jan 2008

I lived in London for over 30 years and only ever went onto the M25 twice when there was no alternative. I avoided it like the plague at all other times.

  Bingalau 08:20 24 Jan 2008

I've only been on the M25 a few times and that is usually at about 04.00 hrs., on my way down to Dover. At that time in the morning it's not bad at all.

  Clapton is God 09:17 24 Jan 2008

I suggest you find a cross-country route to Woking avoiding M23 and M25.

I now travel to Leatherhead across country and I know that (apart from encountering the odd sheep or cow wandering down the road) 99% of my journeys will take me 45 minutes door-to-door.

And there are some very nice country pubs en route which I intend to 'inspect' more closely when the warmer/lighter evening are with us. ;-))

  laurie53 09:33 24 Jan 2008

Not being from that neck of the woods and not knowing the cross country routes I had to use the M25 last time I was in London.

There was a car on fire.

Gosh that was fun!

  Quickbeam 09:36 24 Jan 2008

The M25 is so inefficient, that when I was working that route regularly with a 44 tonne truck I used to know all legal routes for that weight to avoid it...

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