Zero G 08:40 11 Mar 2007

I'm having to start to drive from London to Newcastle weekly.
Whats the M1 & A1 like?
Many speed cameras?
Is it all dual carriage or single lane A roads?
Cheers in advance:)

  STREETWORK 08:58 11 Mar 2007

Maybe a quick map reading course first...

  Zero G 09:09 11 Mar 2007

I'm OK on the route, just wanted to know any traffic black spots from anyone using it.
Oh and i can read a map!

  Forum Editor 09:22 11 Mar 2007

and I'm not aware of any particular traffic problems other than the usual delays caused by roadworks, and they change in severty and location.

To be honest I prefer to take the train, or fly up if I can, but it depends on what I'm doing when I get there.

  Fred the flour grader 10:29 11 Mar 2007

The A1 just south of Gateshead normally is a bit of a black spot right the way up to the Metrocentre due to the road being too small to handle the volume of traffic.
regards Fred

  PalaeoBill 10:51 11 Mar 2007

Some things you may not be aware of on the dual sections of the A1, especially important when driving along with both lanes doing 60/70:
There are pedestrian crossings.
There are T junctions.
The service station slip roads are incredibly short.

There are still some single lane sections but it is a reasonably good road now and it is getting better all the time.

  Kate B 11:28 11 Mar 2007

Zero G - thought about flying? Or taking the train? ;-)

  Forum Editor 11:57 11 Mar 2007

it cost me about £80 return, which isn't bad at all. It certainly beats hours at the wheel, but then I only live 45 minutes from Heathrow.

  rodriguez 12:27 11 Mar 2007

I've never been that route, but from what I've seen on the map a lot of the A1 changes from dual carriageway to single lane and back again, particularly when you get by Leeds. From Darlington onwards though, it's all dual carriageway right up to Newcastle.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 12:44 11 Mar 2007

Working all round the country I use both roads regulary but M1 more as I live near Jn 25

A1 could be the more direct routedepending on where abouts in London you are travelling from but some patches of dual carriage way, speed cameras, roundabouts etc. heavy road works at Blythe island (just south of Doncaster)

M1 has severe road works from Jn 6 -9 and is always busy most of the way up but no fixed cameras.

  Stuartli 12:47 11 Mar 2007

A lot of the single carriageway areas are now dual carriageway.

The main problem with the A1/M1 (at least where I mostly use it in the Yorkshire area) is, as mentioned earlier, the fact that there are so many road entrances and exits for other vehicles entering often very fast traffic flows.

It's almost like living in a town on some stretches...:-)

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