Luxury Living is Dangerous

  morddwyd 06:35 23 Dec 2009

Avocados can cause serious injury

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  Forum Editor 07:19 23 Dec 2009

as luxuries. They're a good bit cheaper than peaches in Tesco, but then perhaps a a peach is considered a luxury too. It's all relative.

  morddwyd 09:16 23 Dec 2009

Might not be luxurious to a world wide jetsetter like yourself, but to your average boy in Bootle they are not on your everyday supermarket list!

  robgf 11:08 23 Dec 2009

probably gets his butler to cut his avocados, lol.

  sunnystaines 11:45 23 Dec 2009

Only buy avocados that are soft, never buy hard hard ones.

excellent with tomato,marmite, and peanut butter in a samwiche

  Amyfa 11:49 23 Dec 2009

Why would anyone buy them they are horrid.

  Quickbeam 12:22 23 Dec 2009

It's not the avocado that's dangerous, it's the knife handling.

Most kitchen knife cutting accidents are due to blunt blades. I've just used a whetstone on my carving knife ready for Christmas, it's sharp enough to shave with, but funnily enough, that analogy makes most people cringe terribly...

  Quickbeam 13:15 23 Dec 2009

I would suppose the reputed aphrodisiac effect was nullified by the stabbing incident...

  Forum Editor 13:43 23 Dec 2009

when removing the stone from an avocado:-

1. Run a sharp knife around the avocado, so that it is divided into halves, with the stone still attached to both parts.

2. Hold the fruit with one hand on each half and gently twist - one half will separate from the stone.

3. Now hold the half with the stone in the palm of your hand and with a cooking knife execute a sharp chopping action onto the stone. The knife edge will embed itself in the stone, and a twisting action will separate it from the fruit.

It's easy, fast, and provided you do it carefully it's guaranteed not to cause injury - no stabbing involved at all.

  Forum Editor 13:47 23 Dec 2009

in North London than in Bootle - I wouldn't know. I know that avocados are delicious though, and I know that they are not expensive when compared to some other fruits, so yes, I eat them regularly. I like them in salads with a honey and mustard dressing - they go well with my tagliatelle and arabiatta sauce.

  Forum Editor 13:48 23 Dec 2009

Times are hard, we had to let the butler go, I'm afraid.

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