LPG Hobs

  interzone55 21:10 18 Apr 2011

We don't have mains gas at my new home, so we've got a big LPG tank out back.

The house has got LPG heating with a special boiler, and there's a gas oven in the kitchen, but an electric hob.

I don't like cooking on electric, partly because it's not as controllable, but mainly because I think it's cheaper to use gas for cooking.

Do I need a special LPG hob, or will any gas hob be OK - I'm looking at buying this one but I'm fairly sure no one at Ikea will know if it's OK to use with LPG...

  grey george 21:47 18 Apr 2011

Different jets are needed for LPG some hobs/ovens come with both. You will need a Gas Safe (replaced CORGI) qualified installer to fit it, so once you have chosen one I would ask them which hobs are suitable.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 21:51 18 Apr 2011

Not OK to us with LPG

The jets are the same for both Butane & Propane, they are a different size for natural gas (different size holes in the jet), therefore you cannot use a standard hob with LPG

  interzone55 21:56 18 Apr 2011

My girlfriend has just been doing some research and found that many hobs come with two sets of nozzles, one set for natural gas and a set with smaller holes for LPG.

LPG is apparently twice as efficient as mains gas, so a hob would get much hotter if you ran LPG through the bigger nozzles, not the end of the world with a hob, but a mains gas water heater fed with LPG will burst into flames.

Think I need to check with IKEA that the nob comes with both nozzles, then get a chap in to fit it...

  BT 08:19 19 Apr 2011

" not the end of the world with a hob",

But you will find that the flames are very big.

I once worked in a Lab. We had moved to a site where the gas supply was LPG and all our Bunsen burners had to have new jets fitted. If you lit an unmodified one the flame was about 2 foot high.

  oresome 08:53 19 Apr 2011

I doubt that electric is significantly dearer than LPG and having an alternative cooking fuel is no bad thing should one or other fail.

However it's mainly down to what the cook likes best.

  peter99co 09:18 19 Apr 2011

Induction Cooker

How's this for alternative Alan?

The only problem is you have to have pans that a magnet will stick to.

This is very controllable

  interzone55 09:36 19 Apr 2011


My former mother-in-law bought an induction hob and it was indeed very controllable, but she had to get rid of a lot of very good pans that would no longer work on the new hob.

My current set of pans cost me £150, so I'm not doing the same thing.

I much prefer cooking on gas, so I do intend to swap, just need to check if the Ikea hob comes with both nozzles.

Regarding alternative sources of fuel in case one fails, we check the gas tank weekly and phone BP if it drops below 25% full and they're usually round in a couple of hours to fill up the tank - so far the gas as been much more reliable than the electric, but in case of emergencies we've got one of these and if that fails one of these

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