Loyal customer?

  rickf 22:46 23 Feb 2014

How long have you been with the same mobile phone provider? Interesting to find out considering the "mobile" nature of such a device.

  TopCat® 22:50 23 Feb 2014

Eleven years with Vodaphone. TC

  mart7 23:39 23 Feb 2014

14 years with 02

  wee eddie 04:43 24 Feb 2014

"Loyal Customer" is usually equated to "Mug" by most Companies

  BT 08:27 24 Feb 2014

"Loyal Customer" is usually equated to "Mug" by most Companies

Why? When it really comes down to it there isn't much to choose between them. I know phone companies have all sorts of offers to tempt you to go with them, but it all depends on what you want and how you use your mobile phone. If like me its only that - a mobile phone - for making the odd call when I'm not at home, the offers don't interest me. All I want is cheap rate calls, and my first PAYG mobile phone lasted me about 12 years and was locked to Vodaphone with quite expensive rates. My replacement phone is a Sim free one and I have changed to Virgins basic PAYG with calls and texts at 8p a time. A £20 top up lasts me over a year.

  BT 08:47 24 Feb 2014

"Loyal Customer" is usually equated to "Mug" by most Companies

Following on, the same applies to banking. All the banks want you to change to them. Its not that they can offer much in the way of different services, its that they want your money. When you hear people complaining about banks its usually because they have incurred charges of some sort that they don't like. If people spend more than they have they must to expect to pay charges. Its far to easy these days to get loans, overdrafts etc. and far too many people seem to think its their right to live on Credit.

I have been with the same bank since 1969 and see no need to change. I have NEVER been overdrawn even when I was struggling in my younger days. In those days Overdrafts weren't generally available to most people. If you didn't have the money you couldn't spend it. I was issued with one of the first Barclaycards, I didn't apply for it, with a credit limit of £100, which was more than my monthly salary at the time, but it was only used in very limited ways as I knew that I would have to pay it back and would find it hard to find the money.

  fourm member 09:02 24 Feb 2014

I changed to Orange early in 2006 because I was fed up with the coverage from T Mobile. Since 2006, I've spent £70 so I'm not inclined to bother to change even if I am disadvantaged by being a 'loyal customer'.

  rickf 09:26 24 Feb 2014

Wow!! I thought my being for 7yrs with one was perhaps one of the longest but paled in comparison. Just thinking about changing. Very informative.

  morddwyd 10:07 24 Feb 2014

I was with Crllnet so I've been with O2 since it was spun off in 2002.

  Mr Mistoffelees 10:37 24 Feb 2014

I've been with O2 for, probably, around 10 years, can't be certain. I use my phone so little that I don't really care as long as it works.

  mart7 13:03 24 Feb 2014

Simple reason for my long stay with 02 is if find the phone i require and tariff cheaper with another provider 02 will better it,might be £5 a month cheaper or this time i was given extra 200 mins and free weekend calls,thats what you get for being a "loyal customer"

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