Low Energy Light Bulbs

  Pamy 12:03 29 Nov 2008

Hello everyone, a brighter Christmas to you all.
Husband has just change a number of our light bulbs for thier aquivalent output low energy ones and the lighting is awfull. As the old type will not be available after 2010, I am going to stock up now. We also have dimmer switches and these new ones dont work with them,not as I would need to dim them now. Any one else feel the same?

  Clapton is God 12:07 29 Nov 2008

"Any one else feel the same?"


Been using them for years and the trick is to replace the 'old' wattage with a low energy bulb which is a slightly higher wattage than the equivalent.

  Pamy 12:12 29 Nov 2008

Hubby said they did not tell him that when he bought them

  wiz-king 12:14 29 Nov 2008

Dimmable 'green' lamps click here

  Clapton is God 12:15 29 Nov 2008

"Hubby said they did not tell him that when he bought them"

Did he ask for any advice or read anything about the bulbs before spending his money??

  Pamy 12:22 29 Nov 2008

Thanks wiz-king, Hubby told the assistant the wattage of bulb we had ,and was given equivalent output low energy bulb. The assistant told him that it would give out the same light but cost less to run.

  Quickbeam 12:35 29 Nov 2008

I've put a 75 watt equivalent in the bathroom to replace a 60 watt for shaving and a 100 watt equivalent in my desk lamp to replace a 60 watt for reading. They also take a few minutes to warm up to maximum output.

  Cymro. 12:39 29 Nov 2008

Many people complain that the low energy light bulbs are not as bright as they would like. What I have done is just use a higher wattage bulb. As Clapton is God says get the right wattage and you will be alright.

I know many people who have take advantage of free low energy bulbs that are given away by such charities as Age Concern etc. The problem is that these free bulbs are very often just about the very lowest wattage that is produced.

So people are disappointed with their free bulbs and turn against them. This has created something of a urban myth that all energy efficient bulbs give out a very poor quality light. This is not so just as long as you buy the right wattage bulb you will be well pleased with them.

  spuds 12:47 29 Nov 2008

We have a varied selection of low energy bulbs, most have been supplied via free or subsidised offers.

One thing that I have noticed, is that different brands seem to give different 'colours' and 'warm-up' procedures. Personally I am having problems in adapting as to what is the best option, always having bright and cheerful lighting requirements.Plus of course, taking into consideration of dimmer devices already provided in the electric circuits!.

As for the 'old type' bulbs, a number of stores have already made supply and design alterations.

Our local Tesco store seems to have brought in all types of weird and wonderful shapes and sizes with various prices to match.

  Pamy 12:49 29 Nov 2008

The "warming up" is also part of my dislike. I am used to turning lights off after use, so on going up stairs to the bathroom I switch the stairs light on but now it is so dim to start I am going up in very dim light. I cannot stand and waite for it to get brighter. So, if the light is left on all the evening , from dusk to bed time, will this not defeet the saving

  peter99co 12:49 29 Nov 2008

click here

It was on the forum earlier in the year.

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