Love in the Forums

  Simsy 11:17 27 Aug 2005

I've just seen the article on page 14 of the new issue, (123, Oct 2005).

Apparently 2 forum members who met as a result of help given through these pages are to be married...


Congratulations whoever you are.



  dan11 15:43 27 Aug 2005

Technotiger and Dragon lady. click here

It may be awhile away as it takes a long time to write 173,000 invitations. Even longer to construct a wedding present list in excess of 170,000.;-))

  Dragon Heart 01:43 28 Aug 2005

If I were them I would forget the Wedding list and just ask for £5 each.:-)

Where could they hold the reception .... a football ground would be too small .... a large park perhaps ?

Just think of the stag / hen night .... suggest they have that in say Burton-On Trent in the Bass brewery !

Good luck and best wishes to Technotiger and Dragon lady .... and NO Dragon lady and myself are NOT related

  Technotiger 21:52 04 Sep 2005

Thanks Guys/Gals of the Forum from Dragonlady and myself. The actual date is a little way off yet,
this being Real-life and not a fairy-tale, other things to be handled first. Will keep you posted though.

Thanks again - if/when we win the Lottery, the venue will probably be the New Wembley Stadium, might hold all of us then :-))


ps - bring a bottle!!

  carolineann 14:35 06 Sep 2005

Good luck to you and your lady.
I to met my partner on this forum.Best thing I every did when I joined PCA.
An old sparring partner of yours China from the early days.

  Totally-braindead 23:50 06 Sep 2005

I wish you good luck as well, one question though. Will you be taking a laptop with you on your honeymoon because as we all know this Forum is addictive and not being on the Forum for a week or more can cause terrible withdrawal symptoms which could put a dampener on any honeymoon? On second thought perhaps 2 laptops would be better to save any arguements.

  Skills 02:40 07 Sep 2005

Congratulations to you both, I wish you all the best

And if we can't all make it to the reception how about a live web feed


  Kate B 16:14 11 Sep 2005

Congrats, that's great news!

  Methedrine 18:39 11 Sep 2005

Congratulations TT. I hope married life makes you as happy as it has made me, i.e. VERY.

I wish you all the best for the future.

  The Spires 23:22 11 Sep 2005

We could could all bring out laptops and see if The Wizards pc really is quicker with no firewall. ;-)

  Forum Editor 00:02 12 Sep 2005

with you on your honeymoon"

No, they've invited me along, to remind them of how they first met.

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