Lottery prediction: How did he do it?

  tein 13:25 10 Sep 2009

Mmmm any thoughts on this.??

click here

The video is:

click here

  Shortstop 13:44 10 Sep 2009

but 2 questions spring immediately to mind:

Why have a second camera at the back of theare - unless for widescrren, which would imply that something important is happening just out of shot and could be why there is no one in the audience.

Secondly, the LCD TV has to 'warm up' to quote Derren Brown. Never heard of an LCD screen not coming on instantly ......

I guess I'll watch Friday!


  kidsis 14:08 10 Sep 2009

more to the point, the lottery has been running since the 90s - why hasn't he been winning every week since then? (I figure if he had, he'd be retired by now).

  Bingalau 14:12 10 Sep 2009

Why has he got his hand over his mouth during the time the numbers are being announced? Some sort of communication maybe?

  Mr Mistoffelees 14:16 10 Sep 2009

It is a trick.

Enough said.

  oresome 14:16 10 Sep 2009

Entertaining, but it would have been more impressive if he'd shown his numbers first, prior to the draw.

  JanetO 14:26 10 Sep 2009

...Secondly, the LCD TV has to 'warm up' to quote Derren Brown. Never heard of an LCD screen not coming on instantly ...

Our LG lcd tv has to 'warm up' like his.

It's good entertainment. Good luck to him.

  tein 14:27 10 Sep 2009

oresome! good point! There is a time frame between 19:30 & the time of the draw (I think 30 mins)when NO ONE can buy tickets regardless! so i would of thought THAT would of been the best time, minutes before to show his numbers! cause no one can "Act" on seeing them! as all the lottery terminals are then closed so it makes no differance!

  mr simon 14:38 10 Sep 2009

First off all, he hasn't predicted them, he is a master of misdirection and trickery.

A few things come to mind, like Shortstop said, why the 2nd camera? It had no function, and the first was very shaky despite the scene remaining the same constantly.

Also there was no-one there to verify anything, such as an audience, and as he named the balls 30 minutes prior there can be no excuse of an audience distracting him or what have you. He also had his hand by his mouth the whole time and looked like he was muttering something, though I can't see how it would tie in.

The balls were a bit inconspicuous as well, small and plain white. I would have thought they would do replicas in the proper colours, but maybe thats the point.

I'm not sure I believe the stuff about not being allowed to show his predictions prior to the draw and also only being allowed to show two minutes worth, I could be wrong though.

As for the LCD TV, ours takes quite a while to warm up, but again, suspicious.

  UK Sub 15:15 10 Sep 2009

I watched this last night and as stated I never saw him predict anything before the draw (so it was really a prediction was it), the only question is how he got the six balls to match the lottery numbers afterwards.

It's only my opinion but if you look at the balls when he is moving them near the end, the top half of the ball seems to move but the bottom half doesn't.

  PalaeoBill 15:33 10 Sep 2009

Lets get him to do it next week and buy a ticket before the draw!

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