Lots of new technologies come, and many go,

  Forum Editor 23:29 08 Nov 2009

but now and again something comes along that really gets me excited, and it happened recently, when I discovered this:-

click here

There's a video on the link, and it's a long one. I'm not suggesting you watch it all, just take a look and get the drift of what's going on.

I predict that Google Wave will become one of those indispensable tools for collaborative working and communicating. It's a brilliant concept, and I'm shortly to start using it.

  mr simon 23:46 08 Nov 2009

I signed up for news on the beta to this a while ago, but as of yet haven't heard from them.

It strikes me as something that could be fantastic but only if it gets enough people on board. Its got some brilliant features, no doubt they will be copied by rivals.

  OTT_Buzzard 00:25 09 Nov 2009

I don't know much about the technology behind Google Wave, but as I understand it (or possibly misunderstand), it runs on a cloud computing principle. If it does, that will automatically reduce it's uptake by business.

Does seem like a good principle though.

  Forum Editor 00:36 09 Nov 2009

It certainly runs on Google's massive server farms, but that needn't be a deterrent as far as business users go.

  OTT_Buzzard 00:39 09 Nov 2009

I'm not so sure. I just think that there are too many data security implications for a lot of businesses to take the risk.

  carver 00:55 09 Nov 2009

Just watched part of the video and the idea looks great, it's more like having a real time conversation.

That part with the photos is brilliant, have to watch the rest later.

  interzone55 12:27 09 Nov 2009

you'd be surprised by just how many businesses use Google for their email.

There's loads of companies willing to set aside a little security in order to save money, why spend a grand on a server, then a similar amount for email software and seat licences, then another grand on a Spam and Malware appliance when you can pay Google £25 per user per year to handle it all for you.

For this reason I can see Wave becoming a popular tool for business...

  Quickbeam 12:33 09 Nov 2009

That certainly looks interesting, but... I then imagine people walking, cycling and driving while totally engrossed in a wave!

  OTT_Buzzard 12:41 09 Nov 2009

Based on policies of companies that I have worked for in the past, external emails aren't allowed to contain confidential information. Therefore paying a 3rd party company to handle emails doesn't make a difference.

Looking back a few years, Reuters used to contract out use of their server processing capability and network bandwidth to major banks. The idea was that it would save the banks money in investing on IT infrastructure and hardware (not dissimilar to cloud computing). Unfortunately, as soon as the banks found out that Reuters would have access to their data (on a technical level) they withdrew from the deal.

I can't see how this differs from Google having access to data on Wave. It's on their servers, they can see the content.

I'm really only looking from a viewpoint of major multinational companies and probably government as well. Could you see the MoD allowing use fo Wave to collaborate over the design of a new Trident submarine?!? Probably a bad example....

  Quickbeam 12:52 09 Nov 2009

Maybe with your Trident example you could have the system on a government controlled server that only the relevant departments could access?

  Quickbeam 12:53 09 Nov 2009

It would also make it easier on web forums like here to keep various thread diversifications together. When are you changing PCA to it:)

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