Lost your Way!

  spuds 12:51 01 Jan 2005

Reading in yesterdays media, the government came in for some heavy criticism about its new travel finder website click here Having spent the last hour or so, experimenting and trying to find routes to regular places, I was rather surprised as to the actual information given.Why not give it a try,it may return some interesting journeys.Route details,maps and public transport journey information are available, but you do need to 'dig deep' for some particulars.And once you have tried the site out, you should find navigation becomes more easier and more interesting.

It as cost in excess of a million pounds to set up, and there are need for many more pounds as the site progresses and problems are ironed out. But on the whole I find that it can be a very good commodity in time to come.

One problem that I found was in one particular journey route, the information left me stranded at a bus station miles from where I wanted to be, but on the whole I was able to re-route myself, possibly due to the fact that I knew better fast route ways in reaching a certain destinations.Yes it is fun to find an overnight wait at a bus station is suggested, but why not, it makes the pleasure of travel more interesting.

There is a 'contact us', and the government is hoping and encouraging that a response is given, especially if you have any suggestions for future improvement.

Go on give it a try, and let us know your results and constructive opinions.Personally I think it as a great future.

  lindyloo4 13:38 01 Jan 2005

Thank you so much for telling us about this site. I am a public transport user and found it very very useful. It has been added to my favourites straight away.

  Jackcoms 15:47 01 Jan 2005

Let's remember one thing - the Government, as such, doesn't have any money.

Thus, however much it has spent on this site comes from your money and my money as taxpayers.

There are other, better sites out there already doing the same job more efficiently.

'The Government' would be better advised spending OUR money trying to sort out this country's problems rather than wasting it on projects such as this.

  ste_bla 18:56 01 Jan 2005

Takes none OR very little extra time into consideration as my daily journey from Milton Keynes -> Bedford (rush hour) is 33 mins via 13jct M1 and if anyone does this journey then you know its more like 45 mins especially at rush hour!

  spuds 22:37 01 Jan 2005

ste_bla--When I was experimenting with the website,I found that it informed me that it was a bank holiday. Perhaps that is why your journey took 12 minutes less ;o)

Might try some routes via the M25, but I did notice that the site offered information on bad road and congested areas.

lindyloo4-- I found it very good when using different modes of transport. But errors do creep in on some public transport routes,so it does pay to adjust, especially if you know the route that you are considering. The bus and train timetables plus fare charges were good, even calculated the discount, if you held the necessary discount card [ie National Express over 50's and students card].

I sent an email and had a reply. They say that all the information is provided by third part companies, and that any information supplied regarding the site will be relayed onto these third parties, for future corrections to the site.

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