Lost posts

  natdoor 22:11 07 Sep 2007

I am a newcomer to the forums and have posted successfully a couple of times. However, there have been several occasions when I have attempted to post but the process fails. I click on the send button and there is evidence of outbound communication. However, I end up being automatically logged out and presented with the home page. I feel a little frutrated and also embarrassed because I have three times tried to post a response to comments on one of my posts and it may appear that I am ignoring them.

Has anybody else ever experienced similar problems? Do I have a problem with my PC or internet connection? Am I being censored?

At least if this appears, it will demonstrate that the problem is intermittent.

  Acx 22:32 07 Sep 2007

I find the best way is to copy the text just before you click post response, then if it does log you out, you can just log in again, paste it back, and post (must be a timing out thing).

  natdoor 22:53 07 Sep 2007

Thanks for your response, Acx. It is sort of comforting to know that I don't have a unique problem. I assume that the old hands are used to this behaviour but, with others joining all the time, I am surprised not to have seen apost about in in the past. (I have monitored the forums for quite a while before participating).

  natdoor 23:06 07 Sep 2007

Sorry about the miss-typing in that post. I will compose in Word in future and do a spell-check there before copying into the window. Then eye no watt eye right will awl be spelt write if eye yews spellchecker.

  Acx 02:12 08 Sep 2007

I have seen it mentioned a few times before.

All I can say is it's something you have to put up with, keep posting you will get use to it.

Miss-typing, now that’s something else we all do.

Good luck, see you around the forum.

  natdoor 09:09 08 Sep 2007

Thanks Acx for the kind words and fourm memeber for the advice on staying looged on.

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