Losing something. :(

  dagnammit 20:36 17 May 2009

I was looking for a CD in my collection a couple of weeks ago and couldn't find it. Annoyed that it was misplaced & I couldn't listen to it I had the wife, the kids and myself hunting around for over an hour today again looking for it. I found it....

In my CD collection, right were I left it, beside the artists other albums. Doh!

Talk about feeling stupid after alll the moaning I did about my stuff not being left alone etc etc.

  dagnammit 20:38 17 May 2009

Anyone else ever think they lost something that was right were they left it themselves?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 20:43 17 May 2009

There are definitely "Time warps" in my house.

Put something down - it goes missing - turns up exactly where I left it weeks or months later.

These "time warps" are increasing as I get older.

Never seem to have a problem at work though.

  WhiteTruckMan 21:14 17 May 2009

is when I am working on something and have put something like a screw or nut down (usually 10-15 minutes before), and I cannot find it again. I know that I havent moved my feet at all, it hasnt dropped or I would have heard it, so it must still be within arms reach. Yet the damn things turn invisible in that short time.


BTW, the strongest force in the known universe is that acting on an object to make it fall just out of reach

  dwaynedibbly 21:16 17 May 2009

I usually find my better half has "put it somewhere safe."
Its so safe no-one can find it.

Unlike the chap I bumped into the other day at work who enquired as to where the local police station was as his car had been stolen.

He was visiting our lovely seaside town for the day.
Half way through giving him directions he suddenly remembered he`d come on the train that day. Doh!

  laurie53 22:01 17 May 2009

"the strongest force in the known universe is that acting on an object to make it fall just out of reach"

That is closely allied to the law of DIY which states that the likelihood of a power tool lead becoming entangled is directly proportional to how difficult it will be (like being up on the roof) for you to disentangle it!

  BRYNIT 22:11 17 May 2009

I once came home put my shopping away and was ready to go out again. I spent 45 minutes looking all over for my car/door keys only to find them in my hand.

  WhiteTruckMan 22:18 17 May 2009

ensuring that you are adequately equipped, and trained in the use of, a sufficient range of curses, expletives and obsceneties before starting any given task. Should one find oneself running short of them then muttering under ones breath is an acceptable substitute until further supplies can be obtained.

However, under exceptional circumstances one can always ask a matelot. Failing that, the nearest marine will suffice.


  QuizMan 23:21 17 May 2009

My wife has an uncanny knack of finding something I have lost exactly where it should be and where I am convinced I looked a few minutes previously.

  Brumas 00:08 18 May 2009

Was in our local Post Office the other day when a lady asked if euros were kept in stock and, if so could she have £250 worth as she was travelling to Belgium in the afternoon. She also added that she had purchased a similar amount the previous week and had put them away in a 'safe place' and couldn't find them despite turning the house upside down!!
If that had been me, we wouldn't/couldn't have gone because I certainly couldn't afford another £250.

  BT 07:48 18 May 2009

There are definately 'Gremlins' who hide things in our house. If I'm doing a bit of DIY I'm sure I spend more time trying to find things than actually doing the work. I was doing something in the kitchen the other week and 'lost' my hammer. After about 20 mins hunting around for it I found it in the bath!
Sitting on the sofa changing the batteries in my Digital camera yesterday and I dropped one of them on the floor, where it instantly went into another dimension. Fished around under the sofa and coffee table with a walking stick and found all sorts of other stuff but no battery. Uttered a few choice expletives and gave up. Later in the day thought I'd have another go and it came out from under the coffee table straight away. Why didn't you move the coffee table I hear you ask, well its fairly large with a very heavy glass top and only gets moved if really necessary, and I'm sure the Gremlins know it!

Have you noticed that you will always find something in the last place you look!

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