gengiscant 11:29 31 May 2009

A peer has admitted "fiddling" his expenses to make up for not being paid a salary.
He has admitted to claiming £18.000 a year when he had often gone home or stayed with friends.

This wasn't usual mistake the map's are all admitting to but blatant fraud,will any criminal proceeding be forthcoming.Don't hold your breath.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 11:36 31 May 2009

Change 'a Lord' to 'unemployed man/woman from sink estate' and they would be up before the DSS Stabshauptmann pronto and in clink or with crim record before you could finish typing the next thread. Historical accuracy apart, Guy Fawkes placed his gunpowder in the wrong cellar IMHO.


  Cymro. 11:45 31 May 2009

Don`t worry about being cynical GANDALF it`s the best way to be regarding anyone in Westminster.

  Quickbeam 12:43 31 May 2009

Time for a wholesale clearout of all these inept bumpkins that 'don't remember', 'thought it didn't count', 'had sloppy accounting procedures', 'thought only criminals did wrong', 'made honest mistakes', to their own benefit of several thousands of pounds... There's convenient isn't there?

The news this morning says that Labour will be decimated in the Euro elections. Brown says he will make sure that all politicians will have their expenses for the last 4 years... He should have bought one of these some years ago click here

  Quickbeam 13:09 31 May 2009

Wasn't part of the '97 labour agenda to dump the Lords in it's entirety?

  GANDALF <|:-)> 16:23 31 May 2009

'If you're going to create peers from working class people with no personal fortune to sustain them and then not pay them a salary, what do you expect?'...so it is OK to wrongly claim expenses if you are skint then? I think that you may be a little confused and missed the point. /me shakes head in utter disbelief.


  jakimo 17:28 31 May 2009

I do feel sorry for this poor chap,he does an honest days work without the reward of a wage.

in order to help this conscientious chap,coundnt`t the honourable Margaret Beckett see her way clear and lend the honourable member one of her caravans which could be parked on a parliament lawn,he could then stop cheating the taxpayer

  Forum Editor 19:48 31 May 2009

It was created in another time, when its members were in receipt of incomes from their estates, and didn't need any other form of remuneration.

Nowadays things are very much different, and although I'm completely in favour of a second house I feel it should be organised along slightly more modern lines, with properly remunerated members who are elected to membership.

  Spark6 20:26 31 May 2009

Do we need a second chamber in this day and age, especially when we consider what is happening at the moment? It seems pretty obvious to me that this country is unable to pay our elected representatives a decent salary without having to fund the Lords.
Pomp and circumstance aside, there has to be a more effective way to apply the checks and balances necessary to attempt to control our MP's. We are experiencing a rather nasty credit crunch after all.

  bluto1 21:31 31 May 2009

There's plenty of bankers who've made a pile. I'm sure they'd do the job for nothing.

Are you joking? That load of money grubbers would never do anything for free. Not often you're right, but you're wrong again.

  Forum Editor 22:45 31 May 2009

"there has to be a more effective way to apply the checks and balances necessary to attempt to control our MP's"

I invite you to tell me of one. It's rather silly to suggest that as a nation we can't afford to pay elected representatives a decent salary, of course we can. We may be experiencing a recession, but don't get carried away with the idea that it's the end of everything. We've been through recessions before, and we've recovered; we're the world's fifth richest nation by GDP, and can easily afford to fund a modern legislative system.

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