Look's like "WOOLIE'S" is next..

  24/7 21:31 22 Nov 2008

Another one bite's the dust..Reading the story it amazede me that they are £385M in the red..? dont they make any money on there products..?
30.000 Jobs at risk...

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  sunnystaines 10:10 23 Nov 2008

When I was 15 or 14 had a saturday job in woolies, my first job after paper rounds really enjoyed it. left at 16 to get a career.

Never go in them now the staff in our local branch unhelpful and do not like the store.

  Quickbeam 10:35 23 Nov 2008

Woolies lost it's charm when they got rid if the parky flooring, mahogany island counters and attended service.
Yes, rose tints an' all that...

  Cymro. 10:44 23 Nov 2008

Woolies must be one of the oldest shops of its kind on our High Street. They don`t seem to have kept up with the others and so I suppose must go. Littlewoods closed all their shops a couple of years ago.

Things are forever changing but I must admit I never thought I would see the day when such old and established shops would get themselves in to so much trouble.

  robgf 10:48 23 Nov 2008

Woolworths have been struggling for years.
I quite Woolies, but I'm not surprised that it's in serious trouble. The store layout is poor, especially those stores with diagonal aisles, the goods selection is quite limited and the staff seem to spend a lot of time in idle chit chat.

Wilkinsons have more, or less, replaced Woolies, with a vastly superior shop. You only have to look at how busy Wilkinson is, in comparison to woolies.

  the hick 11:11 23 Nov 2008

Quickbeam, I quite agree! Was it Woolies who did their own hot roasted salted peanuts? Definitely remember ice-cream counters.

  oresome 11:23 23 Nov 2008

It's hard to believe that not one of the highly paid chief execs over the years has not seen what was wrong and rectified it.

I have no experience in retailing, but I would have thought you have some strengths to encourage people to visit and spend with you.

So you offer some of the following: good range of stock, good prices, knowledgeable staff, nice atmosphere, convenient to visit with the car. No doubt I've missed one or two, but I don't think Woolies scores highly on anything I've mentioned.

I used to like and buy their paint, but now you find any particular store doesn't stock the entire range and what they do stock, they have one tin of, whereas I want at least two to complete a job.

  Legolas 11:36 23 Nov 2008

I remember Woolies of old, good stock, good service, good prices and the best pick and mix counter bar none. I was in the woolies in Glasgow a few months ago and I was shocked and saddened by the state of the shop. It had an air of delapitation about it, it was like a second hand shop, nothing was set out well and I could hardly find a person to ask about my intended purchase. After a quick look round I left. Most of the stock I looked at seemed to be of poor quality. Certainly not the Woolies I remember.

  spuds 12:15 23 Nov 2008

We use to have four Woollies stores in our town, now we have none. The last store was closed about three or more years ago, giving only a weeks notice.

robgf- Wilkinson's started up in my neck of the woods. I remember the days when you could buy a few nails or a bit of chicken wire and many other now non-available items. The enamel 'billy-can' or wick lanterns and paraffin were very good sellers :O)

  spuds 12:24 23 Nov 2008

Doe's anyone remember the Woollies offshoot beginning of supermarkets Woolco?.

Bought a real good fridge freezer from there, and it lasted for years.They also had a tyre and vehicle accessory bay 'out back'.

Then of course, wasn't 'the' Betty or Barbara Hutton a big influence of Woolworth's in the early days of its bazaar era!.

How times change and memories fail!!.

  bremner 12:37 23 Nov 2008

My memory of Woolies are the broken biscuits we would slyly (or so we thought) help ourselves to as small children.

Woolies has been mismanaged for years. Our local store is a chaotic mess. It is an uninviting place with an awful window displays.

I just feel sorry for those who will loose their jobs.

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