Looking for this program can anyone help, thanks

  bof:) 21:14 09 Jul 2005

Hi All,

I'm looking for the 'Collins Electronic Dictionary' program.

I was bought one 7 years ago but the cd for reasons unknown will not load on anyone's PC I've tried to install it on.....general verdict 'its had it'. (I did at the time ask for help on the help site and they came to the same conclusion).

I purchased a copy of the 'Colins electronic dictionary (Cobalt)' from Ebay but it was not what I needed.

Colins were taken over sometime ago and the company now only deals with English to (other language) dictionaries. So they could not help me.

I used the dictionary as my last resort when failing to compltete a crossword. So, now I'm struggling a bit and would dearly like to get hold of another (working) copy.

If anyone knows there whereabouts of one could they please let me know.

Many thanks,


  stalion 21:18 09 Jul 2005

the impossible we do sraight away miracles take a bit longer click here

  TOPCAT® 21:19 09 Jul 2005
  TOPCAT® 21:33 09 Jul 2005

Have a look here. TC.

click here

  bof:) 11:35 11 Jul 2005

Hi All, many thanks for the help. I'll email the sites for more details because the original dictionary was not a talking one. I've notice that there are only 68,000 words available. I'm sure the original had more.

I'll email the company and check if they are using the original database.

Talking would be an advantage due to eyesight problems I have.

Many thanks again,


  spuds 12:03 11 Jul 2005

This company could perhaps help click here

  bof:) 21:01 11 Jul 2005

Hi spuds,

thanks for the link but I think this is the company that took over Harper-Collins and now do just English to another language dictionary (as I mentioned in my 1st posting) and not the original 'Collins Electronic Dictionary' that I'm after.

As of yet, I've not recieved a reply to the email I sent concerning the 'Talking Dictionary'.

Thanks again,


  jolorna 22:28 11 Jul 2005

is this the one you had? click here

  Confab 13:51 12 Jul 2005

No quite what you asked for but these may help.

click here

click here

  bof:) 16:07 13 Jul 2005

hi All, yes it is the one. I'm now looking on the pages about costs and extra duties to work out the final price.

Confab, thankyou for the 2 sites. I've added them to my bookmarks list. They will be very helpful.

Now a word of warning. Lastnight half awake I had another look on ebay and found exactly what I wanted. As of yet I'm the highest bidder so all seemed to be going well.

No. Even though I read and re-read the discription supplied with the item (and it is correct) for some reason known only to my brain and certainly not me, I translated 'Desktop' to mean I could access the dictionary from my PC's desktop! Not that it was a small hand-held desktop machine.

Nevermind though it will come in handy for when I'm away from my PC.

The moral of the story is recheck what you are bidding for...go away have a cuppa and then come back and look again.

This time I was lucky because if I do win the bid I can still use the dictionary.



  Yoda Knight 08:05 14 Jul 2005

Have you tried repairing the original cd and making a new copy of it ? There is some very good software available to that end...

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