Before long, we'll reach our fourth anniversary

  Forum Editor 23:59 28 Jul 2004

here in the forum, and I've come over all nostalgic.

I know there are still quite a few members who have been with us since the beginning (or thereabouts) and I was wondering how many of you can remember what we talked about way back then?

I particularly recall a long-running thread, or series of threads about how many women readers we had - and about women and computing in general. We felt that computing tended to be a male pursuit - at least it did as far as home use was concerned. Has that changed over four years - are women using their own computers at home? There have always been women using computers in an office environment, but they tended not to be home users then. I wonder what the situation is now.

Let's not have a single sexist remark please.

Apart from that - do you have your own memories from way back then (good or bad, we can take it)?

  norman47 00:21 29 Jul 2004

Could you imagine that you would be heading for a 150,000 membership by this time.

As for the fairer sex. I am glad to say that both females in my house hog a computer and the internet is the main reason.

  sicknote 00:31 29 Jul 2004

click here
Looking at the list i suppose the concorde crash stands out for me.

As for computing i was just a virgin to it then,I had a Dell P2 dimension v400,win98,Zip drive and DVD not a bad machine,it never let me down,I passed it onto a friend and to this day is still running and never misses a beat.

  Forum Editor 01:19 29 Jul 2004

I can remember how excited we all got when our registration total reached 15,000.

Back then we used to have threads where we all tried to guess when we would hit landmark registration totals. It was fun to watch the figure climb steadily upwards - in those days it increased by quite large amounts each week.

  Chegs ® 01:28 29 Jul 2004

I had to build a couple of PC's up for the female members of my household,or I wouldn't be able to get near this one. :-)

I recall the early days of PCA,I spent most of my time here(still do)and whenever I visited friends,I was always suggesting they started frequenting PCA as it was a fantastic place to learn about PC's.There was the Helproom to discuss howto fix PC's,the Lounge to chat(but frequently,simply to watch the bickering about often trivial things)Consumerwatch,etc.I have seen several dozen postee's get themselves banished,I used to wonder what they had done to suffer this fate,but rarely for long.I have much fewer friends now,they stopped visiting as I was/am always on the PC. :-)

  Forum Editor 07:40 29 Jul 2004

Welcome to the club.

  justme 11:02 29 Jul 2004

I remember having a heated discussion in the lounge (ah, those were the days)with China (now better known as FE) about the number of times the tv news programmes told us the same information during a 30 minute broadcast.

For those who don't know what I am on about just think about the news on ITV. They start off by telling you the headlines, then the stories behind the headlines and just before the break they give you a resume of what they had just told you along with a preview of what was coming up in the second half. They then start the second half by telling you what they covered in the first half. Next is the reports of the news they warned you they were going to tell you about and finally there is a quick review of what they have covered during the last half hour.

  McD 12:51 29 Jul 2004

This is more of a question than a statement about the forum, Has it only been going for 4 years? I feel I have been visiting here for much longer, getting W98 problems sorted out, the old faithful BSOD etc. I have bought most of my hardware on recommendations either from the PCA Magazine (which I sadly miss reading these days now I've retired to Cyprus - Can't afford the postage!!) or from advice offered in Consumer Watch,
I remember Rad before he got knighted!! and it is amazing to see the numbers growing in the forum on a daily basis.
As for the fairer sex my other half spends more time on the computer than I do!

FE - Is there any way of finding out how long one has been a member?? Definitely seems longer than 4 years.

  Nellie2 14:03 29 Jul 2004

With regards to your question about women and computing FE... I inherited my first PC from my other half because he had got himself a bigger and better new toy. I didn't know what to do with it really, I played solitare and tried out some cross stich design programs and generally fiddled with it. I didn't get on the internet then because we hadn't figured out how to share the connection and he was always doing something on the internet. Then he broke his CD rom... there was no shop to take it to to get it fixed back then, the shop we had bought the machine from was a TV Hire shop would you believe!!! He asked me to search for a solution to the broken CD Rom on the internet and guess where I ended up!! :)
The rest as they say is history... I discovered a fantastic resource of information - the internet - and have been pulling my machine to bits and putting it back together again ever since. Along with various other voyages of discovery.

I haven't been a member of PCA from the start.. the lounge had just gone when I got here. But you were my first.

  watchful 15:48 29 Jul 2004

I think I joined this site about two years ago as I got the computer in January 2002. There were lots of very funny threads running then and I remember printing some off to show friends who, later on, also became members.
Being the only female in this house (my husband isn't interested at all - in PCs that is!) I am the only one to use it and have had to learn from scratch - most of the teething troubles were sorted on here. The only help I've had at home is when my daughter's boyfriend visits and he's been roped in to sort something out.
Two of my female friends have now got their own computers and I have directed them to this site.
My other daughter has just got a new PC with XP so I've given her my 'Tips & Tricks' mags for her to get acquainted with it.
I remember well when the total membership was getting to a landmark number and everyone was posting.....'Only 3 to go' etc. A lot of familiar names have disappeared but some very good technical people are still around to solve our problems and make us laugh in the process. Can't be bad.
Well done PCA and FE (China).

  ordep 16:24 29 Jul 2004

The games room.....ahhh those were the days.

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