Long Term Relationships

  laurie53 19:50 12 Jul 2007

The thought has just occurred to me that many men look on long term relationships like they look on a new car "Wow, that looks as though it night be fun to drive"

Women on the other hand, tend to look on LTR like a property deal "Mmmm, that looks as though it might have great potential for improvement"!

Just for the record, this is meant to be a fun comment, not a sexist rant!

  Rigga 20:02 12 Jul 2007

Having just got married. LOL.

Although maybe I'm a little too feminine for my own good :)


  Jackcoms 20:03 12 Jul 2007

A "fun comment" or not, it sounds like utter bunkum to me.

My wife (of 25+ years) and I never thought like that.

Perhaps it's something to do with fickle youth.

  Kate B 20:24 12 Jul 2007

Any statement that sweepingly includes everyone of one gender is utter bunkum, regardless of the age of the person reading it.

  laurie53 20:53 12 Jul 2007

Lighten up, people!

  Rigga 20:54 12 Jul 2007

Laurie53. I guess this forum is no longer the place for fun comments. :(


  laurie53 20:59 12 Jul 2007

Yeah, our next anniversary will be our 47th, and we've both had our share of driving and improvement!

  mammak 21:00 12 Jul 2007

on a lighter note I was asked just the other day how long I had been with my partner (LTR) 12 years I responded OMG came the answer you would have served a life sentence in jail in that time,

well just goes to show we must be doing something right :-)

  Kate B 21:02 12 Jul 2007

Well, remember that not everyone finds the same things funny. Sometimes, especially when there's a wide range of people with very different takes on life, it's better not to post "funny" comments because there's a good chance a few people won't think it funny. Not getting at you, laurie53, I know you weren't out to offend and I for one am certainly not offended by the remark. But I don't think it's funny.

  Rigga 21:07 12 Jul 2007

Agreed Kate B, not everyone find the same thing funny. You obviously don't find it funny, which is fine, but you can clearly see, as you say, that laurie53 did not mean any offense, so why post?

I don't mean any offense either, just wondered. :)


  Kate B 21:17 12 Jul 2007

Because I had something to contribute, which was reminding people that we don't all find the same thing funny.

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