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  Quickbeam 09:58 25 Aug 2008

Well... I'll eat my hat, they did a very good job despite the various fears over protests, smog, organisational incompetence etc. It was one of the best.

So, to all the sceptical posters and remarks regarding London 2012, let's wait and see, 'We' might excel too...

  GANDALF <|:-)> 11:00 25 Aug 2008

Not wishing to state the blindingly obvious but when you get the army in, the quasi-military police in, have an authoritarian regime and spend £20bn., you would have to be a retarded numpkin to get it wrong.
When the fear of prolonged public shame and humiliation are in the background, it is surprising how it concentrates the mind superbly.


  spuds 11:11 25 Aug 2008

I bet there are some subsistence farmers still trying to earn a daily living in some Provence in China. Just fancy what all this modern razz a mat-ass and finance could do.

Wonder if the hoteliers, taxi drivers, ice cream and hot dog sellers in London, have worked out the going rate for 2012 yet!.

  Forum Editor 11:40 25 Aug 2008

did exactly what the Chinese government intended them to do - they showed just what the nation is capable of, and at the same time they diverted world attention from the country's many problems, not the least of which is that the average Chinese citizen doesn't have the right to freedom of expression.

The people I meet and work with in Beijing would gladly chop off a hand if they could have the personal freedoms enjoyed by the likes of us. They look at the UK and see a country that defines the notion of freedom and tolerance, and they are envious, very envious. It's something that might be remembered by those who delight in doing this country down at every opportunity. We're unbelievably lucky to live here, and to be allowed to say more or less what we like about our government with impunity. We're lucky to be able to visit any web site we like, and to go where we please, when we please.

China is waking up today with the same problems it had before the games started, and it's no nearer a solution. I think we'll surprise the world in 2012; we'll provide a show to be proud of, and if some of those people who drone on interminably about how we'll make a hash of it, and how we would all be better off if we didn't host the games would just give the country a chance they might find that they actually enjoy what they constantly deride.

  Chas49 15:51 25 Aug 2008

Fe: I couldn't agree with you more . Our athletes have certainly given us a good show, giving 100% effort and this should give us something to shout about. I, for one, am proud of them - their efforts I think, justify the expense that will result from our efforts to 'outdo' the Chinese. We are a proud nation - let's keep it that way and give an example to the world - like our athletes have done to us.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 16:58 25 Aug 2008

Pride does not, bring jobs, lowers taxes or any physical benefits.


  newman35 17:08 25 Aug 2008

... and most of what it does will bring only disproportionate benefit to those living in the South of England - not in the 'regions'.

  spuds 17:13 25 Aug 2008

"giving 100% effort".

Did this include the behind scenes complaints and moaning, the ready for action going to win sureties and the "far away from home and family" excuses for poor and bad performances?.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 17:32 25 Aug 2008

'Our athletes have certainly given us a good show, giving 100% effort'..errrm if you do not give 100%, you will not win. I thought that this would be obvious.


  Chas49 19:50 25 Aug 2008


Perhaps I got the percentage wrong, should it have been 110%? Whatever the figure, their efforts merited the accolade they received from the public when they arrived back from Beijing this afternoon.

The Olympic games in 2012 should, hopefully, bring a lot of visitors in to the Country as a whole - not just the southern portion. I have no doubt that some of the competitions will be held in the provinces too - as indeed they were in China. Hopefully it will result in being a financial success - was it Los Angeles who achieved this?

One fear here is that if finances are handled as they were in the Logo affair then we could, I suppose, expect a huge loss - seeing that logo being shown at Beijing left me feeling what a complete waste of money that was. There are many kids at school who could have been asked to offer their efforts in designing one abd a hell of a lot cheaper.

I wasn't aware of the moaning or the excuses though I did watch quite a lot of the TV coverage and I do mean a lot! I'm not saying that some people didn't moan or find excuses - it would be unusual if some didn't, human nature being what it is - just that I wasn't aware of any.

I have no doubt that my words will be well received by some and subjected to bit picking by others - nevertheless, I repeat that I am full of admiration for the athletes - their success is the result of a lot of hard work and sacrifice.

  Chas49 19:52 25 Aug 2008

For 'bit picking' read 'nit picking'

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