crosstrainer 16:57 05 Apr 2007

Ouch.....perhaps I'm getting old but having just returned from London (encountered rush hour on the way in) I am so stressed out it will take me all night to on earth do you who live and work there cope!!?

I was lucky enough to get a lift back to Bristol so only had a short train journey home. The prospect of doing that day in, day out is not one I would relish.

  drbeeching 17:09 05 Apr 2007

I love going on a train's, branch lines are so quiet out of the rush hour.

  crosstrainer 17:20 05 Apr 2007

London to Cardiff is not a branch line... In fact had you not (sic) closed the branch lines in the first place... we would not have the chaos we have now! LOL

Cheered me up though!

It's the tube that needs attention.. Can you sort that out?

  TOPCAT® 17:26 05 Apr 2007

Way back in the sixties when I lived there London's traffic at 'rush hour' was quite hectic then. At this time they used to have traffic police at major junctions and they actually gestured to you to get the foot down and speed across them. The only time I knew ever they wanted you to break the law!

Driven back there a few times since then and from knowledge gained from when I lived there, I would smugly try my old shortcuts. Found, with some dismay, that many of them had fly-overs built or other obstructions in the way, and I spent more time finding my way out than if I'd gone the normal route! TC.

  crosstrainer 17:31 05 Apr 2007

Trouble with the concept of driving there..(which all assumed I would) was journey comprised: Cardiff Paddington, Paddington Ruslip, Ruslip Harrow, Harrow Paddington, Paddington Cardiff.

Have not driven in London for 15 years Thought the train the logical soloution. how wrong was I!

  crosstrainer 17:40 05 Apr 2007

I did leave home early (5Am) took book, MP3 player, as was going to a funeral, taking laptop would not have been appropriate.

Had I not been fortunate enough to be offred a lift to Bristol.. I would still be on the way home.

Enjoying a glass of wine now..but thought also occurs that HAD I taken the laptop I would be clinging on to it for dear life!

  tullie 17:45 05 Apr 2007

Wheres London?

  crosstrainer 17:52 05 Apr 2007

Best way to look at it!

  anskyber 17:58 05 Apr 2007

I live so far away from London here in Cumbria and before that in Cornwall.

I just love to visit London, it gives me a great buzz.......but it's good to come home.

  crosstrainer 18:06 05 Apr 2007

I guess that must be it...into third glass of wine now, and feeling better. Lived in cities (including London) when I was younger, but was born in Wales...lived in Cornwall (Truro just right for me)

Snowdonia for some years...but have to say that did not get a buzz out of London today.

Christmas shopping there? No way.

  crosstrainer 18:11 05 Apr 2007

No offence taken at all!!! It's just a discussion I doubt I could do it on a good day!

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