London 2012: Unite's Olympics Strike Threat

  Input Overload 12:21 29 Feb 2012

Lots of people from all walks of life have put huge efforts into making this event a success - To even hint (if the report is true) that the Olympics could be targeted in strike action by 'Unite' I feel is pretty dreadful.

  ventanas 12:27 29 Feb 2012

What else do you expect from the low life scum that run trade unions

  Quickbeam 12:33 29 Feb 2012

You'd think that the unions would have realised by now the importance of having the public on-side with a strike.

Various strikes since we entered the general depression have seen staff withdraw labour, and then they all seem genuinely surprised that they got no public support.

  Quickbeam 13:36 29 Feb 2012

Does tweeting condemnation by a major politician carry the same weight as a forceful condemnation on a prime news channel?

Or is it a limited condemnation from a limited distance?

Or am I being sceptical in my limited condemnation of a politician...?

  Input Overload 13:41 29 Feb 2012

Reading up briefly on 'Lens' background I do wonder if he has an hidden agenda? I really thought we had found better ways of sorting problems out in this country & thinking back years to 'the winter of discontent' do we really want to go down that road again? I remember it & all saw where it led to. I remember the headline - 'Britain Sick Man Of Europe'.

Though looking on the comments on the BBC page it seems that people way to the left of Lenin are still alive & well & using the internet! There is a time & a place for everything perhaps. The Olympics 2012 are neither the time or the place & decent members of 'Unite' should remove this man pronto. Have a bit of national pride Len, or maybe you are?

  WhiteTruckMan 13:56 29 Feb 2012

Well I'm simultaneously unsurprised and uncaring. I realise it may be an unpopular viewpoint, but I am totally opposed to the games. And I wonder just how many people who wanted the games in the first place would have been quite so enthusiastic if the current (and rising) estimate of costs would have been put about in the first place.

As for this latest thing, its just one more bunch of people on the make, looking to get what they can out of this extravaganza and to heck with everyone else.

I just thank my lucky stars that I don't live anywhere near london, and will be avoiding it as much as work permits while the games are on.

I'm afraid that the 2012 london olmpics will have three associations for me. The vast sums of money spent so the good and the great can lord it over the rest of us while they have their jolly, the huge disruptions it causes and lastly (but by no means least) the fact that london won the games the day before the 7/7 bombings.


  Flak999 14:30 29 Feb 2012


I agree with your sentiments completely!

  Aitchbee 14:54 29 Feb 2012

Len has just put his name forward for a London Olympic Field Event...

....The High Jump!

  badgery 15:07 29 Feb 2012

ventanas "..the low life scum that run trade unions"

..and what about all the 'low life' that run banks, business and, dare I say it, political parties?

They are everywhere, (even on internet forums!!) I suppose.

  mobileman1953 16:10 29 Feb 2012

totally agree with WhiteTruckMan waste of time and huge amounts of money that could have been better spent

  WhiteTruckMan 16:21 29 Feb 2012

Fourm member - The final bill isn't in yet. But one prediction I feel pretty confident in making is that it isn't going to shrink!


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