The logic?

  rdave13 11:22 17 Jul 2010

A few weeks ago 'er indoors said that the old TV had to go.
She fancied one of these flat screen ones in black. Oh and a new stand also in black.
Now, we had a 32" Sharp crt TV (grey with grey stand) seven years old and working like new. Absolutely nothing wrong with it as I commented.

So in came a new Hitachi (black) and new
stand (black).
Seeing my chance, I suggested a new Desktop base unit. Configured it on the Cougar site and came to a very reasonable £550 delivered.
She asked what was wrong with the computer we had? I said, absolutely nothing wrong with it.
Just that I fancied an upgrade to what we have.
She said that we'll get a new one once the old PC breaks....

  johndrew 11:35 17 Jul 2010

The TV is in the lounge and she sees it daily? The PC is not so visible?

  peter99co 11:38 17 Jul 2010

A womens logic is very different to a man's.

  Armchair 11:44 17 Jul 2010

I'm still using a Sony 28 inch CRT IDTV in the living room. It's about ten years old now. It's fine apart from the digital text, which is so slow to load pages as to be next to useless. It stays till it conks out, though, and so does this desktop PC.

  Cymro. 11:45 17 Jul 2010

At least with us the old TV had come to the end of its useful life. The problem I had was that all the new telly's in the shop were black and as our old one and its stand were gray I was forced, yes that's right forced by her indoors in to buying a new black stand to go with the new black telly.

  peter99co 11:47 17 Jul 2010

Is the new set using more or less wattage?

  Cymro. 11:47 17 Jul 2010

I don`t suppose any wife would let her husband get away with a gray stand for a black telly.

  Toneman 14:54 17 Jul 2010

That's your answer, a new base unit will be more efficient and use much less electricity...

  rdave13 18:13 17 Jul 2010

I've no idea about the wattage usage.

  Pineman100 18:26 17 Jul 2010

You're just not being creative enough.

Quietly pull the power plug out of the back of your tower unit.

Find an old bit of wire, and set fire to its insulation, near the computer. Then extinguish it and hide the remains.

Call HID into the room. The conversation should now go something like this.

You: "Have you been using the computer, dear?"

Her: "No - I haven't been anywhere near it."

You (repeatedly pressing the power button): "Well it's not working."

Her (sniffing): "I can smell burning."

You (also sniffing): "D'you know, I think you're right. I'm so sorry I accused you - I think the computer must have burned out."

Her: "Well you'd better get a new one then."


  rdave13 18:47 17 Jul 2010

I wouldn't call you devious (much too polite for that) but something akin to a genius!!
Unfortunately 'er in doors would soon smell something other than burning, happening just after she got that bloo ming TV!! :)

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