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  ella33 10:43 07 Mar 2011

Hi, sorry to ask such a mundane question but someone other than the Forum Editor might know anyway. Today, I found the page and was going to reply to some discussion and found no reply box. It didn't take long to discover I was logged out. Using my normal pc, this has only happened once before, shortly after I first joined. In fact I had to think a bit about what passwords I was using a year ago!!

Obviously this is not a life threatening incident but I am interested to know why or how someone should be logged out when they haven't ever logged out?

Might it have been some work on the forums that logged everybody out, or is it routine to log people out after a year to see if they are still functioning mentally?

Or maybe it just kinda happened...... a karmic reponse from the reincarnation thread creeeps up!

  bremner 11:46 07 Mar 2011

Have you cleared your Internet History/cache & cookies

  Chegs ®™ 11:46 07 Mar 2011

I regularly run ccleaner & every once in a while I find I have to login again,but as my mobile refuses to remember my username/password & I often look into PCA whilst waiting in the car,I havent suffered memory loss and forgotten them. :)

  ella33 11:53 07 Mar 2011

I don't really run cleaner (ooops) but the norton security does its own thing a lot!!
As for cookies, I had to expire cookies for a forum that was closing but I don't really think it affected other sites.

Thanks for the ideas though. I probably have used something that caused it.

It was no hassle, I was just curious! At least I have remembered what passwords I was using a year ago!

  birdface 12:26 07 Mar 2011

Always best writing your passwords down that way if your computer crashes you can always find the passwords and usernames again.

  Woolwell 12:29 07 Mar 2011

Not near your computer where someone else could find them.

  ella33 13:17 07 Mar 2011

Well, I don't do anything secret in forums but that is a good point Woolwell.

Buteman ---computer crash, it has crashed out a few times recently,. I have used facebook a lot more as many of my previous forum friends have moved over and I am afraid my compter, or the security doesn't like too much facebook. So there has been a few rather hurried exits.

I have probably forgotten something that happened

  Bingalau 13:52 07 Mar 2011

I have had to re-log on after my computer has had to be re-started when having an automatic up-date.

  VCR97 20:25 07 Mar 2011

This site often logs me out for no obvious reason.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 22:13 07 Mar 2011

h t t p : // w w w. pcadvisor .co.uk/account/login/index.cfm?action=login&email=[email protected]&password=TEST&originurl=%2Fforums%2Findex.cfm%3Faction%3Dshowforum%26forumid%3D1

(The '1' at the very end of this URL - yes, the bit after %3D - specifies the forum.

1. Helproom.
2. ConsumerWatch.
3. Digitalworld
4. speakers Corner
5. Webdesign
6. Networking
7. Absolute Beginners

Replace TEST with your details and take out the spaces (http...)

add it to your favourites or paste onto your desktop to go straight into the forum of your choice.

  lotvic 23:23 07 Mar 2011

The numbers for forums have altered a bit since you first did that list. I have made good use of it over the years - thanks.

Hover mouse over the links list on left and you will see what I mean for numbers changing.

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