Load of Bull - another tradition may die !!!

  Seth Haniel 10:35 28 Jul 2010

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Spain faces bullfighting ban vote in Catalonia

Barcelona's main bullring is one of the oldest in Spain

  interzone55 11:15 28 Jul 2010

And quite right to.

Bull fighting, along with fox hunting & hare coursing, are totally barbaric and should be wiped out completely.

If the public are so blood thirsty that they need to witness ritual blood letting they should bring back gladiatorial combat, as at least all parties will be consenting. And anyone who votes for this should be put into a ballot to enter the combat arena...

  zzzz999 11:28 28 Jul 2010

about bloody time to, they could use the Portuguese method where the bull is not slaughtered

  Noldi 11:39 28 Jul 2010

At one time England had more Bear baiting pits that theaters. I think all the pits are gone including the oldest.


  spuds 12:29 28 Jul 2010

Having witnessed 'behind the scenes' activities in bullfighting, its about time the whole system was revised or condemned to the history books.

The Portuguese way is by far the more humane.

Regarding the days of the gladiator, there was a programme recently on television regarding the selection and participation of each combatant. In many cases, it was like leading the lamb to the slaughter, and the actual participant's had very little choice between living for another day.

  Covergirl 12:40 28 Jul 2010

. . . . cock fighting, dog fighting and bareknuckle boxing to name another four.

Christians and Lions also come to mind, but that's more of a ritual execution . . .

  Quickbeam 12:51 28 Jul 2010

They're best left as a memory of the bloody past most of these things.

On the years that I go to the Edgbaston test, I always find it intriguing that they still like their county emblem so much, the PCers haven't yet tried to tame their bear click here

  interzone55 13:05 28 Jul 2010

Yes, I'm fully aware that most gladiators where not exactly volunteers, but there's no reason why we couldn't organise fights to the death for people that wanted to participate.

It would certainly cut down on the number of people fighting on the streets of a Friday night...

  Seth Haniel 13:26 28 Jul 2010


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Bullfighting in Catalonia has been banned.

The centuries-old blood sport will no longer be allowed for the first time ever in a mainland region of Spain.

The result of 68 in favour, 55 against the prohibition was expected, since the Catalonian parliament had cast preliminary votes in December accepting a citizens' petition to outlaw bullfighting on the grounds that it was cruelty to animals. There were nine abstentions.

  spuds 13:32 28 Jul 2010

Perhaps the EU might now look into some of the other barbaric events, like throwing goats and donkeys off high buildings, and torture of donkeys in general, in the guise of tradition.

  rickf 13:51 28 Jul 2010

GREAT NEWS for a change!!!! The cruelty involved is being belief.

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