Lloydstsb on the ball

  Kevscar1 13:44 12 Oct 2009

Got automated phone call from their Fraud Prevention Dept this morning. After giving my DOB they gave a list of 5 transactions taken place over the weekend and asked me to confirm or deny that I had done them. When I said no stated they would get someone to phone me.
Being a nasty suspicious sod I phoned them. Someone had tried to use my card details and they had denied everyone of them. They have put a stop on card and are sending a new one.
Now all I have to do is get hold of the last couple of sites I have used and try and track the crook down.

  kidsis 13:47 12 Oct 2009

best of luck kevscar, let us know how you get on.

  Stuartli 15:10 12 Oct 2009

I've been with LloydsTSB for many years - it has always been on the ball as far as I've been concerned.

Earlier this year, for instance, late one Friday afternoon my other half thought she had left her card in an ATM at our local branch.

By that time we had got home, so she rang the branch and explained the position. One of the assistants checked the ATM and couldn't find the card, but said she would keep a eye on whether there were any unauthorised transactions and stop the cards (it's a joint account).

The following Wednesday morning the two replacement cards had been pushed through the letter box by the postman...:-)

Ironically my wife found the "missing" card a few days later in one of her coat pockets.

But don't ask me about the mobile phone she once "lost" in hospital during a stay as a patient.....

  Picklefactory 16:36 12 Oct 2009

... and whenever I make any out of the ordinary transactions (Maybe a non UK website, or transactions/ATM withdrawals abroad), I recieve a text message notifying me of it (Usually within a few minutes) and giving me a freephone number to call if there is any issue or query.
I've also had them block a couple of transactions, one to a Turkish hotel group, and one to a Thai company. LTSB called me, again within minutes, to enquire if the transactions were from me. The slight nuisance of not, initially, being able to complete my transactions was far outweighed by the warm, comfy feeling I got from knowing they were so observant and diligent on my behalf.

  Bingalau 16:38 12 Oct 2009

Stuartli. You have now got my mind working overtime, I hope recovering the phone didn't hurt her too much?

  Stuartli 17:42 12 Oct 2009

No, but staff of several departments were engaged in the search for the phone over a couple of days without any luck and I had to lend her mine.

After bringing her home and unpacking her bag, I found the phone in one of its side pockets.....:-)

Mind you I'd been assured by her that the bag had been thoroughly searched...

  blanco 18:44 12 Oct 2009

on Friday last when making a transfer out of my account, it is now immediate. Transfer completed in about 15 seconds.

  Kevscar1 04:57 13 Oct 2009

it's alway been gone immediatley it's the 3 days it takes to show up in someone elses account I've been unhappy with. Where does the money go or is it just drifting in cyberspace

  Picklefactory 11:33 13 Oct 2009

"Where does the money go or is it just drifting in cyberspace"

It sits in the banks own account working for them and earning money for the bank. That's one of the ways they earn their money.

  Covergirl 12:16 13 Oct 2009

. . . your money goes missing with a Building Society ?

Scam or what?

  Covergirl 12:19 13 Oct 2009

. . . . it's been on my mind as to how a bank would verify it is you when they phone. I

have envisaged all sorts of scenarios where an imposter phones and asks all sorts of questions to verify it is you, including "what's your card number; what's the 3 digit security code; what's your address etc etc" but Kevscars OP has put my mind a little at rest.

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