Lloyds £1000 golden eggs.

  pj123 19:31 08 Apr 2006

Anyone found one yet. Lloyds online banking.
Log on daily, if you find a golden egg Lloyds will credit your account with £1000.

I haven't found one yet.

  Caine 20:16 08 Apr 2006

Nor have I

  hzhzhz 20:19 08 Apr 2006

Nor me :-(

  kinger 20:47 08 Apr 2006

I'm wondering if they are on the first page you come to on logging in or whether they hide them deep into the finance offers and ads pages.

  €dstowe 22:09 08 Apr 2006

Lloyds should stick to banking and not carry out silly advertising gimmicks more suited to Cadbury's.

  De Marcus™ 22:22 08 Apr 2006

Lloyd's should do whatever it takes to get more people banking online, this line of marketing is genius in my opinion and after all it prompted a response from a few forum members which considering the outlay (can't be that much can it?) should prove a worthwhile endeavour.

  DrScott 01:31 09 Apr 2006

No egg for me either :(

  €dstowe 06:52 09 Apr 2006

This gimmick is getting people to look for "golden eggs" on a website, not encouraging online (or any other) banking.

Yes, it has prompted a response from a few forum members and probably a lot of others as well but I wonder how many will be also prompted to do their banking online from this?

  spuds 11:30 09 Apr 2006

Like all banking gimmicks, the end winner will always be the bank,with the revenue coming from their customers or clients.

Personally, I get my kicks out of seeing two balls ticked on the lottery card most weeks. On e day though, it could be much more :o)

  Sir Radfordin 21:55 09 Apr 2006

I'd be much happier to see Lloyds spend £1000 making sure the money I've entrusted to them is safe when I bank online than giving it away to people who have nothing better to do than check their bank statement every second of their waking day.

...not that I'd complain if I saw one of the eggs, just off to check now ;)

  pj123 17:25 11 Apr 2006

Sir Radfordin, they have 100 eggs hidden worth £1000 each so that's 100,000 not 1000 to use elsewhere.

It is only available to those who have an online account so it isn't a tout.

spuds, I run a Lottery syndicate and we use a perm "any 6 from 8" if we get 3 numbers correct (which we do quite regularly) our minimum payout is 10 tickets at £10 each = £100.

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