Livingstone wants 20mph limit

  anchor 13:12 26 Apr 2008

I read that Ken Livingstone wants a 20mph limit on all London`s residential roads. No doubt this would be backed up with speed cameras to increase revenue.

Something to think about when we Londoners cast our vote on May 1st.

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  Forum Editor 13:35 26 Apr 2008

It certainly is.

If you hit a pedestrian while driving at 20 mph, the pedestrian has a 95% chance of survival.

At 30mph the survival chance drops to 80%

90% of those hit by a car at 40mph will die.

Almost 70% of all road accidents that result in death or injury happen on roads that have a 40mph speed limit or less.

Drivers tend to have an exaggerated idea about their ability to drive fast, and are somewhat indifferent to exceeding speed limits. One study showed that driving at 40mph in a 30mph zone was seen as less serious than dropping litter.

  John B 15:19 26 Apr 2008

but I would support a nationwide move to 20 mph speed limits on residential roads.

  Ancient Learner 16:25 26 Apr 2008

And so would I.

  Si_L 16:41 26 Apr 2008

Not a problem for me, my car can barely go 20mph.

  Coffee Adict 16:51 26 Apr 2008

Me too, gives me a sporting chance of getting across the road in one piece.

  BT 16:56 26 Apr 2008

I live near a school in Norwich and there is a 20mph limit on all the local surrounding roads, but I doubt if anyone takes notice of it. I estimate that most vehicles exceed this most of the time.

Anyway having lived in London for many years I wonder is Ken sure that anyone can actually get to 20mph on most roads, especially during rush hour.

  rickf 17:02 26 Apr 2008

Goog idea. Where I live drivers seem to use the county roads as rat runs often with screeching tyres. Its a wonder no one has been killed yet. Just a matter of time I guess. Talking of which I still see many drivers using mobiles whilst driving. Don't think I am being sexist but it appears to be women more often.

  laurie53 20:25 26 Apr 2008

Twenty is not a problem for me, but those damned speed bumps are.

My wife and I both suffer from painful bone conditions which are aggravated by these things no matter how slowly you go over them.

  interzone55 20:48 26 Apr 2008

Considering the last time I drove through London I barely got into double figure speeds I'm wondering if anyone will notice the new speed limits...

  robgf 20:53 26 Apr 2008

I agree about the speed bumps, I'm tall and keep whacking my head on the corner of the sun roof.

I don't believe that speed bumps help prevent accidents, particularly the split ones, as you tend to concentrate so much on traversing the hump, if anyone ran out, you would spot them much later than normal.

Similarly, if speed limits are too low, there isn't enough activity to maintain an interest in the road and my mind wanders.
There must be a level where increasing safety rules has no effect, or is even counter productive.

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