Is living in the UK as bad as it seems?

  Sapins 18:43 23 Jul 2008

Or, are the media exaggerating everything?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 18:47 23 Jul 2008

The media ALWAYS exaggerate everything.

to quote Monty Python
"If I've told you once I've told you a thousand times not to exaggerate"

  Joe R 19:02 23 Jul 2008

Certainly not to the millions of immigrants.

  VNAM75 19:31 23 Jul 2008

I came to this country in 1981 and the my main observations are:

Doesn't snow now where near as much. Used to be able to take sledges out at school and walk in wellingtomn boots in winter.

Seems richer overall.

Anti social people (my own term is ****) are a lot more prevalent. People tolerate it more I think. Quite a lot of whingers/moaners. The law dealing with crime is feeble. Its a shame but my opinion is that this country has gone down hill because of this.

Almost forgot, there's a lot more cars.

I don't read a lot into dramatic news headlines but more swayed by actions of high profile people and foreigners. It was said that one of the reasons Ronaldo wanted to leave man united was he did not like manchester, the city. Plus, a programme about foreign polish workers found not many actually wanted to stay in the uk permanently. The purpose was soley to earn money.
The uk needs a good mix of nationalities otherwise it would be a pretty boring place. I watched george galloway on question time and he said back in the 60s or 70s, on a night out the only thing available was egg and chips.

  peter99co 21:07 23 Jul 2008

Does anyone have the figures for the number of Brits leaving the UK?

  Clapton is God 21:10 23 Jul 2008

"Is living in the UK as bad as it seems?"

When compared to what?

  Bingalau 22:18 23 Jul 2008

As someone has already hinted it must be bloody good because all these people want to come here. They don't seem to want France or any of the places in between here and wherever they come from.

  peter99co 23:09 23 Jul 2008

I get an impression when travelling in France that their immigrants seem to be from countries with French colonial connections.

  Grey Goo 23:40 23 Jul 2008

Depends which social strata you are on I suppose, unless you're an MP

  birdface 23:50 23 Jul 2008

The Uk has gone downhill in the last 50 years and is gradually getting worse.I wish I had emigrated to Australia 50 years ago when I had the chance.

  Forum Editor 00:18 24 Jul 2008

in very many ways, and we should spend less time grinding on and on about how the country has 'gone to the dogs' and more time on accentuating the positive.

As a nation we seem to delight in telling each other what a rubbish country we live in, but for the most part the people who do the talking haven't a clue what life is like elsewhere. I could give them a pretty long list of places which would make the UK seem like an absolute paradise by comparison.

If we want to make our country a better place in which to live we can - it's up to us to make it happen. The problem is, it takes hard work and determination to bring about major changes in a society, and lots of us seem to want everything handed to us on a plate.

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