Living on the edge "literally"

  royalflush 12:23 26 Mar 2007

Just been sent this from a freind sounds like & looks like there kinda desperate eh look at the photo's

click here

  silverous 12:41 26 Mar 2007

Taking forever to load up the page for me, either it has become very popular or I'm impatient! What is it!?

  bennyhillslovechild 12:42 26 Mar 2007

Blimey! That would make me a tad nervous - but what a view!

  Monoux 12:42 26 Mar 2007

very slow for me too - have given up - too impatient

  royalflush 13:17 26 Mar 2007

i think the reason the page is taking sooooo long is just traffic....but its worth looking back later

  g0slp 14:07 26 Mar 2007

I wonder if they will get anything from Mr Pearson - after all, talk is cheap...

An interesting comment was made in the article as to about whether sea defences placed elsewhere have exacerbated the situation.

I recall a hotel in the Scarborough area falling into the sea a few years ago, so coastal erosion isn't exactly new along that coast.

Anyway, I do hope that there is a satisfactory outcome for this couple.

Thanks to royalflush for posting the link.

  Pamy 17:15 26 Mar 2007

from the way it looks I do not think they will have to pay to have it demolished , the sea will do it for them

  thospot 17:39 26 Mar 2007

Several years ago I went to buy a bungalow on the east coast near the sea until I checked up on the coastal erosion. I phoned the local council and their technical people. They told me that it would not be too safe a proposition.
I told them that I would stay in Nottingham and wait for the sea to come to me.

  rodriguez 17:41 26 Mar 2007

It loaded up straight away for me which is strange, anyway I wouldn't want to live there. Even if I don't have to bother washing the caravan.

  octal 17:47 26 Mar 2007

What's climate change got to do with it? The east coast has been eaten away for millions of years, I thought everyone knew that. I would take a very long hard look at anywhere I was buying property near the sea.

  thospot 18:16 26 Mar 2007

Climate change?.
It's not been mentioned...

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