Liverpool New Manager

  birdface 16:57 08 Jan 2011

Going with the news and this.
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Kenny Dalglish is the new liverpool Manager.
Out of the frying pan and into the fire comes to mind.
Of all the good managers about they choose Kenny.
I know not a lot about football but I do know that he would have been the bottom of my list.
Any liverpool fans tell me what they think.

  Bapou 18:46 08 Jan 2011

From reports I've read over the weeks, Dalgliesh was the fans choice and the new owners from America seemed to have listened. Could it be this is their way of courting approval from the fans compared with the previous owners?

Dalgliesh has only to the end of the season it seems. It will be interesting to see what the owners think then.

  birdface 19:38 08 Jan 2011

Dalglish took over a good Liverpool team years ago which won quite a lot.
Since then he has not been very good and does not last long in management wherever he has gone.
To get rid of good managers to get Dalglish to me is crazy.
I can only see them slipping further down the league but I may be proved wrong.
He was a great player and we cannot take that away from him.
I can't even remember the last team he managed.
I think it may have been Celtic a long time ago.
All I can say is if it was the supporters choice they have no one to blame but themselves.
I do hope he does well but I cannot see it happening.

  Legolas 19:53 08 Jan 2011

I was going to you comment but you have said everything I was thinking. Great player, less than great manager

  DippyGirl 23:58 08 Jan 2011

I will freely admit to knowing nothing about football myself - but sometimes have to live and breath it... but thats friends and family for you
Roy was not considered a good manager by most of the Liverpool fans, I know, before he was appointed - and since then things like bad transfers, and poor tactics are often spoken about.
I must say that if you have players like StevieG and Fernando Torres (i've heard of them) in your team your must be lucky - but it seems Roy wasnt!

As for Kenny (or is it King Kenny?) apparently I am told he can get to Birkenhead without troubling the ferry or Merseyrail

And looking at Wikipedia (not the most reliable but it will do) his post-liverpool managerial record looks pretty good to me ...

Blackburn Rovers
* FA Premier League Winner(1): 1994–1995
Runner-up(1): 1993–1994
* Football League Second Division Play Winner(1): 1991–1992
* Charity Shield Runner-up(2):1993-94, 1994–95

Newcastle United
* FA Premier League Runner-up(1): 1996–1997
* FA Cup Runner-up(1):1998

* Scottish Premier League Runner-up: 1999–00
* Scottish League Cup Winner: 2000

Maybe Roy did better but thats not what people tell me ... at some length!

  birdface 07:48 09 Jan 2011

I remember one game in particular I think it was the last game of the season Liverpool were playing Arsenal and the winners would win the league. liverpool were leading 2-0 and what did he do but brought on another couple of forwards instead of defending his lead and Liverpool ended up loosing 3-2.
Arsenal won a game that they had no right winning.
To me it was very poor management.
I don't think he lasted much longer at Liverpool after that.
He was fortunate enough to go to football clubs that already had good teams.
I am not so sure that they were still good teams when he left.
I believe as Cetic manager he was a bit of a disaster.
If I was wrong with the score on the Arsenal game it did finish 3-2 but I can't remember if Liverpool were leading 2-0 or 2-1 at the time.
I would like to see him doing well with Liverpool but having been out of the game for about 11 years or so I cannot see him doing it.

  birdface 11:21 09 Jan 2011

All I am saying is if there is something wrong at Liverpool maybe they should have got someone better to get them out of it.
Not sure if Martin O'Neill would have been available or not.
But that's the type of manager that gets things going.
Chelsea are also going through a bad time at the moment so not sure what is happening there.
Somehow I do not think that if they sacked the Manager that they would put a caretaker manager in for the rest of the season.
I wish him well but just think that he is the wrong man for the job.

  Bingalau 11:34 09 Jan 2011

Well I for one think the last two managers at Anfield, are the best Liverpool football club have ever had.

"an Evertonian"

  birdface 11:49 09 Jan 2011

Nice one.
But not sure if they went after your manager whether you would be so happy.
That's the sort of manager that Liverpool should be looking for but obviously that is not going to happen.

  Bingalau 12:05 09 Jan 2011

buteman. I think Davy (even with his red hair) is too astute to take on Liverpool the way they are now. Their outstanding players are getting older and the younger ones are wanting to leave. I hear Torres is after a transfer. There seems to be trouble somewhere in the camp, and maybe (just maybe) Kenny will be able to spot the problem.

To my mind, their last two managers seem to have had very little charisma, which seems to be a necessary ingredient in being successful in football management these days.

  birdface 14:31 09 Jan 2011

Just watched the first half and have to say that Liverpool are fighting a loosing battle.
11 men against 12 for Manchester so very little chance of getting anything out of this game.
Or should I have said 10 men against 12.

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