A Little Moan

  MattW 04:13 29 Dec 2005

I had recently posted a request about cheap printers for my son click here which resulted in in some un-wanted as I see it sarcastic comments by some other forum members. The reason I had not replied is because I was click here struggling with this problem. I was also unaware that it was this forums' policy that members answered problems with grovelling thanks for help received. If someone don't want to reply as I see it that's upto them. Impolite maybe but give people at least 24 hours before having a dig eh? Please!!!!

  SG Atlantis® 08:24 29 Dec 2005

You could always state, "I may not reply for a while as I'm busy sorting another issue out"

When people respond and the originator of the thread doesn't reply it's assumed that it's abandoned and people don't like there time wasted. Take into consideration 24hrs is a long time on PCAdvisor lots of people come and go, lots of problems are posted and sorted very quickly.

In regards to thankyous, I wouldn't say grovelling thanks but it is nice to get an acknowledgement and to know you helped resolve the issue. Most members would be happy just for the person to tick resolved and state what it was that worked to fix the problem.

Generally I don't like receiving mail but I recieved an email from one guy recently and it was a straight forward thankyou for the help I gave him. It wasn't grovelling in anyway and it was nice to recieve it, it made my day actually knowing that my help was appreciated. I don't think there is anything wrong with saying thankyou, do you?

  Forum Editor 09:34 29 Dec 2005

but I'm struggling to find a single sarcastic comment from other forum members in the thread about your printer; someone wondered if you had read the responses, and someone else said 'it does make you wonder' - or words to that effect.

Nobody has ever sugested that it's our policy to expect "grovelling thanks" as you put it, or even any thanks at all, although, as SG Atlantis® said, it's always good to have some kind of acknowledgment when a problem is resolved.

In your other thread - the one about networking - you asked desperately for help. Several people (me included) offered advice on Tuesday. You said you would try the solutions offered, and "come back in tears with my marriage in tatters when it hasn't worked".

Two days later we're still wondering if you're desperate, or if all is well............that's the kind of thing that leads some members to wonder if it's worth offering help, and perhaps you might consider things from their point of view before you jump into print with comments like "give people at least 24 hours before having a dig eh? Please!!!!"

  MattW 11:58 29 Dec 2005

Perhaps my response was a little stong to say the least for which I sincerely apologise. Mr FE and SG Atlantis if you ever check any of my posts I am always extremely grateful and always say so. I posted this at 4am this morning and was grumpy to say the least but comments like "Wonder if MattW has read any of these responses??" and "Does make you wonder!!!" are not very helpful to say the least especially when having networking problems and PC's that won't co-operate areinvolved.
Also "Two days later we're still wondering if you're desperate, or if all is well............that's the kind of thing that leads some members to wonder if it's worth offering help." I wasn't aware that I was under any SLA's in responding to peoples help? At least not outside of work. It's also the Christmas period and I'm lumbered with family meals etc and so cannot devote the time to fixing PC's all the time. As the FE said 2 days ago "Freddog™'s advice is also good, so get back to us when you've worked through all that." I had every attention to slowly go through the advice given when I had the time. After this I'm sure my days here are very numbered but thats life. If I have offended anyone then sorry.

  spuds 12:14 29 Dec 2005

As one of the people who replied to your question, I find it very difficult to agree to your comment of the sarcastic contents within the posting. People offer their time and whatever knowledge on a free basis to this forum, in the hope that it will help to solve a perhaps worrying time and problem for someone. Personally I do not expect someone to offer a 'grovelling' thank you, just politeness in saying that the question as been answered fully, or not answered fully, as the case maybe.Remember, that your question may well apply to someone else, who as a very similar concern or problem, and your response could and perhaps would make all the difference.

  Forum Editor 14:26 29 Dec 2005

Don't overreact - your days here will be as long as you wish - but do try to see things from a point of view other than your own.

Our forum members are also "lumbered with family meals etc" over the Christmas period, and lots of them also have to work. All that's needed is an acceptance of the fact that everyone is here because they want to be, and their time is freely given. If you can't work through possible solutions for a few days then why not post a quick message to say so? It would take a couple of minutes to do that, and harmony would break out all over the place.

Let's leave it at that - no real harm has been done, and I'm sure that everyone involved is happy to forget the matter.

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