Little big man or madman

  michaelw 12:15 08 Apr 2013

Should we be afraid of Kim Jong-un?

North Korea could be preparing to conduct a fourth nuclear test, following signs of activity at the country's main testing site, South Korea's unification minister, Ryoo Kihl-jae, said on Monday.

  wiz-king 12:20 08 Apr 2013

Very. He is in an awkward position - if he believes his own rhetoric he is the leader of the best country in the world, if not he knows the army will topple him at the first sign of dissent.

  Quickbeam 12:35 08 Apr 2013

Buy him another pizza and send him to bed.

  fourm member 13:06 08 Apr 2013

The problem is deciding what is talk and what is intention.

He made a big thing of re-starting the nuclear programme but, apparently, it will take about six months to rebuild the cooling tower that was dismantled as a sign of good faith when they agreed to stop development. You can't help thinking that it would never get finished.

It is a bit like the school bully. If you taunt him about empty words, he feels he has to hit out.

There was a lot of comment about how he wasn't serious because the joint industrial park, essential to the North's economy, was still open. So, he has to close it.

Only China can stop anything unfortunate happening. All the rest of the can do is goad him into doing that unfortunate something.

Remember that China has a new leadership so the response to this will set the tone for the next ten years in China.

  spuds 13:09 08 Apr 2013

The title might be a little confusing, because if you take the situation seriously, then there are many leaders, now and in the past, who may well fit that title.

Whatever the case, his actions appear to have got the world on edge. The UK and America are 'in range', as are a number of other countries en-route. America as even stepped up its defences, so they must be taking things a little serious. Possibly the previous Cuba with Russia's backing incident is still fresh in some peoples minds, and how that nearly turned?.

Oh to be a world's powerful leader. When the toys get broken, and the tantrums increase, you can always turn to the real thing?.

One thing that I noticed in a new media report yesterday, was the Kim Jong-un holding and using a firearm. I seem to recall that was one of Saddam's and other powerful leader's party pieces, and those people no longer exist!.

  spuds 13:15 08 Apr 2013

I see fourm member as touch on about China. I was thinking about that (with the earlier reference regarding Russia), but I didn't want to mention that, possibly for obvious reasons?.

  fourm member 13:46 08 Apr 2013


'I have tried to understand your 1-15pm post but have given up'

I gave up at the 'UK in range' point.

  spuds 14:00 08 Apr 2013


Perhaps if you was to read some down market newspapers like the Sun (which apparently states that its "Britain's most popular paper"), you might have the answer to your question. Friday's reference in that newspaper clearly states that from North Korea to the UK is 5400 miles and from North Korea to the USA is 5600 miles, and North Korea have deadly missiles (KN-08)capable of reaching those distances. There is also reference to Musudan (a missile that North Korea hasn't tested yet), which should be capable of reaching 1900 miles away to Guam. Apparently the US is now increasing fortifications there, for possible future actions. If you have any problems about those figures or comments, then take it up with the Sun,they have published them. I am sure they would be pleased to hear from you?.

My 1.15 post, is obviously past your usually thought pattern. My reference was about China's possible involvement, good or bad, but had I said that directly, then no doubt I would have been accused of talking nonsense?.

  spuds 14:05 08 Apr 2013

Once again we are beginning to see the two usual experts venting their usual sarcastic views, about someone else's postings.

  Flak999 14:16 08 Apr 2013

I don't think we are in range from a missile threat from NK.

See the chart here North Korea's missile programme

  fourm member 14:57 08 Apr 2013


North Korea claims to have a missile capable of reaching Los Angeles those experts say that is false. It might make Alaska or parts of eastern Europe. But, even that is uncertain because it has never flown, yet, and Korean missiles have a habit of being duff the first few times. The UK is most certainly not in range.

That Washington Post article (excuse me for preferring that as a source to the Sun) says it is thought the N. Koreans moved the missile to the east coast so it doesn't fall on anything important when it fails during take-off. The false impression that N. Korea could hit the UK comes from the PM referring to an article under his name in the Telegraph.

In the Telegraph, he said N. Korea claimed it had the range. When referring to that article during a Q & A in Scotland he didn't make it clear that he was referring to claims not facts.

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