As little as £7 per hour

  peter99co 14:42 17 Nov 2010

A UNITE member was using this figure to complain about cuts or pay freezes.

Am I out of touch because I think that it is quite a reasonable amount?

He said "Some of our members get as little as £7 per hour"

My thought was, at least they have a job!

  johndrew 14:57 17 Nov 2010

Depends partly on the job and age. For an 18 year old shelf stacker it's not bad; for a qualified engineer it's not good.

£7/hour is around £280/week gross. A pensioner gets less.

  spuds 15:13 17 Nov 2010

Believe it or not, but there are still 'sweat shops' here in the UK, who pay £2.00/ £2.50 an hour for adult multi-skilled labour.

If the boss provides accommodation (sleeping 12 to a room or underneath the bench perhaps), then the take-home is even lower after 'deductions'.

Welcome to the past 20th century and the new 21st.

  KremmenUK 15:21 17 Nov 2010

... and these sweat shops are invariably manned by people who shouldn't be working in the UK anyway and therefore cannot legally complain.

  spuds 15:47 17 Nov 2010

And if they do complain to the authorities, they are usually kicked out of the country bearing a burden of heavy family debt. And the 'big boss', usually cannot be found.

Think cockle pickers?.

  jakimo 16:11 17 Nov 2010

Welcome the the country paved with gold

  birdface 17:25 17 Nov 2010

I think the Minimum wage is just over £6 an hour at the moment.
So I would imagine at £7 an hour it would probably not be enough to tempt them of the Dole queues when they also have to pay for transport etc.
Oops change that £5.93 an hour is the minimum wage.

  canarieslover 19:21 17 Nov 2010

It appears that introducing a minimum wage may have had a detrimental effect on people who earned more than the minimum. It's introduction not only improved the lot of very poorly paid employees but also gave employers a target to aim at for everybody else. My wife worked for a company who paid quite a lot above the minimum but since it's introduction their wage rises have not kept up with the rises in the minimum wage and now that company is paying just above the minimum. I can see that within the next couple of years the minimum wage will have caught up with her company's wages. As admirable as the establishing of a minimum wage was it has levelled the playing field down rather than up, unless your a banker of course.

  ams4127 20:31 17 Nov 2010

One of my friend's brothers, currently working for an oil company in Libya, has just been offerred a job in Mogadishu.

His pay?.......£1200 per day. That is not a missprint. £1200 per day.

He has turned it down. Not the safest place to work.

  wids001 21:13 17 Nov 2010

All too often these days I am seeing job vacancies advertising pay as "minimum wage". Indeed I know of employers who even add that pay can be made up buy claiming various state benefits. Maybe it is time for a revamp to "Minimum Living Wage" to weed out this abuse.

  gardener 22:26 17 Nov 2010

All this talk of a minimum wage, why not a maximum wage?

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