Litter louts - bin it!

  TopCat® 19:03 01 Sep 2010

TC's first rant this year, I think!

Just about everywhere I've been in this county during the main holiday season, I've noticed the litter problem has increased alarmingly. We already pay the highest water rates in the country, and the additional cleanup costs are an unnecessary burden we eventually have to pay for. It is bad enough that the beaches often require a tidal clean-up from flotsam thrown overboard from passing vessels, which, incidentally, is also getting worse.

Why on earth don't these irresponsible people have the decency to put their rubbish in the receptacles provided? This latest occurrence - click here - is just about the last straw! Rant over! TC.

  wiz-king 19:31 01 Sep 2010

Not only by the sea side. At my local junior school it will soon be :- empty the car ashtray in the gutter, dump soiled nappies in the churchyard opposite, plastic bottles in the hedge and crisp & sweetie wrappings every where time. Our one village street cleaner will be back to being unable to keep the whole village clean, he has to get a council lorry out twice a day instead of once to empty his cart.

  sunnystaines 21:09 01 Sep 2010

if the litter is bad here just go to jamaica its terrible

  BT 08:59 02 Sep 2010

I live near a large High School and although in general most of the kids are pretty good as regards litter, there are always a few who spoil it. There was a small group of girls sitting on the small green near my house at the end of last term during exam time. There was a lot of giggling and shreeking going on. They were smoking (don't know what) and eating and drinking. When they were gone the green was covered in empty cans and sandwich wrappers etc.

There used to be quite a lot of this at lunchtimes but the school has cracked down on the kids roaming the streets and it had mostly stopped but I suppose that as it was the end of therm the kids were taking advantage.

My point is that these kids pay lip service to all these environmental issues when in school but it all gets forgotten as they leave the school gates.

  sunnystaines 11:31 02 Sep 2010

why cant the young unemployed be used to do litter patrols in return for benefits a good incentive to find a real job.


criminals on community service too.

  Colin 11:47 02 Sep 2010

Dropping litter really grinds my gears, too. And it seems to be all ages, not just kids. I don’t see it as petty and maybe if we had littering penalties like in Singapore, things would be different.
click here

I don’t care who you are, if you deliberately drop litter you’re a slob.

  Covergirl 12:27 02 Sep 2010

One of my pet hates in the pet hates thread.

Criminals on community service ? Yeah :) click here - they could float around whilst they litter pick!

  ronalddonald 13:16 02 Sep 2010

A few spoil it same excuse I've heard time and time again, its not just a few, if your were to do a survey you would find quite a different result.

Many parents are blinded by the excuse my wouldn't do it, yet you probably find they do and have been dumping rubbish as far as the eye can see.

  ronalddonald 13:19 02 Sep 2010

they really need to enforce on the spot fines and make them pay-up asap.

  Condom 13:24 02 Sep 2010

You should live out here in Bangkok where litter is everywhere during the day but is cleaned up pretty good at night time.

The latest is the litter attendends from the local council who are now set up on all the roads and walkways surrounding city centre shopping malls. They fine you 2000 baht (about£40) unless you point blank refuse. Many people think they are police as they wear Police type uniforms complete with campaign medals and they do try to arrest you or make you think they have which is totallty illegal. Many tourists are being fined for dropping their cigarette butts down the drains in the road and of course as part of the scam all waste bins have been removed from the immediate area and notices about the litter campaign only displayed where no one can see them.

My advice to anyone here who is caught up in the scam is to just play dumb and walk away from the situation. Never speak in English as they understand English so mumble something else which sounds foreign.

  Colin 14:03 02 Sep 2010

Condom - "My advice to anyone here who is caught up in the scam..."

My advice would be to not drop litter or cigarette ends in the first place!

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