lister petter engine

  wolfie3000 20:21 11 Jul 2006

Does anyone know where i could get a schematic (not sure on spelling) of a lister petter ac01 and ad01 gnerator online?

  semag 20:32 11 Jul 2006

God, i havent heard that name for donkey years, sorry cant help.

  silverous 20:42 11 Jul 2006

click here

Except they don't seem to list any manuals!
Call them?

  wolfie3000 20:47 11 Jul 2006

reason i want it is that after leaving college i worked for a famous traffic light company fixing there generators and just had a phone call from a friend who i used to wirk with and he has gotten hold of said engine and wants it fixed up trouble is its been so long i cant remember much about the engine.

so i need a manual for it or at least drawings.

they were great engines to work with simple and hard as nails they were damm near indestructable,

always rememberede that the injectors could be turned into flame throwers lol.

  wolfie3000 20:49 11 Jul 2006

will give lister petter a call in the morning see if they can help me out.

  paddyjack 20:59 11 Jul 2006

Great little machines remember them well, gave very little trouble and easy enough to repair. If you have a long established hire shop local bet there is a manual in the back some place.

But saying that I dont ever remembers seeing one myself. Just get stuck in and do it.

Good luck

  wolfie3000 21:03 11 Jul 2006


My only worry is the torque for the cylinder head and injector i think its 30LB per square inch but i aint sure also the timing on it and lining up the small dot on the fly wheel so the engine fires at the right time,

Still i cant wait to get my hands on it :)

  realist 21:14 11 Jul 2006

There's a pdf manual here I think?

click here

  paddyjack 21:25 11 Jul 2006

No idea what the torque was or is, winters day wet cold muddy site tighten up with socket and ratchet, tight was tight. I spent most of my time out on site not in the workshop, so the order of the day was get it going. The main stored we carried were injectors and head shims, brushes, and switches for the generator side. Average repair time if memory serves me right about half an hour.

  wolfie3000 21:30 11 Jul 2006

Paddyjack what lister engine did you work on?

For an ac01 a complete strip down and rebuild was 8 hours.

  namtas 21:37 11 Jul 2006

Try Ebay, was this the twin or single cylinder model.

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