linux users on pcadvisor ?

  acein1 20:56 22 Dec 2010

hi folks , are there any "linux" users on here????
ive just taken the plunge and so far its great,but it takes a bit of getting used to

  Coltch 08:59 23 Dec 2010

Which Distro are you using?.

I'm currently using Fedora 14, which after using Debian for a few years takes some getting used to.

  morddwyd 09:03 23 Dec 2010

Oh Dear.

I fear you might get a reply from the forum's greatest Linux advocate, ronaldonald or whoever his present incarnation is!

  acein1 12:20 23 Dec 2010

hi coltch, "linux mint 10"

  ukpostcode 12:51 23 Dec 2010

And it's a good distro for new users to use;-)

  robin_x 13:17 23 Dec 2010

I found Puppy Linux great on my 12(?) yr old laptop when I dug it out the wardrobe.

128MBRAM. Not the latest of pretty desktops but it worked and setup my wireless dongle without a squeak. Also fine with Logitech wireless mouse.

Got me out of an emergency when I broke my new laptop.

  Matt Egan 13:29 23 Dec 2010

It changed it from being virtually unusuable to being a nippy little workhorse. I'm a big fan. I am honour bound to point out that I also use a Mac, a Windows 7 PC and a Vista laptop that is, frankly, a dog.

More here: click here

  Forum Editor 14:09 23 Dec 2010

he inspired me with talk of Ubuntu on his netbook, and I followed suit.

My Acer Aspire one is now nipping along like a nippy thing, and is a joy to travel with. I'm sticking to Windows 7 and Microsoft Office on my other machines because I need the file compatibility for work, but the Ubuntu netbook experience has me hooked.

  interzone55 15:16 23 Dec 2010

I tried Ubuntu on my Dell Mini 10 netbook and it worked like a dream except for one tiny problem - I couldn't get a working driver for the WLAN card, which kind of ruins the whole "sitting in McDonalds drinking coffee surfing the web" netbook experience.

  Al94 15:31 23 Dec 2010

Wasn't for me, I bought an Acer Aspire One netbook with Linux and abandoned it for XP, it flies and does everything I want it to do much more easily. Drivers were an issue for me.

  acein1 16:08 23 Dec 2010

thanks for all replies.
just for your running "mint" on a 640gb h/d
aspire x3200,amd phenomX3, 3gb ram, and its flying,
i can honestly say that i can everything i did b/4 ob vista cheers

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