Linux is a revelatio 1

  joseph K 10:51 05 Nov 2005

I have recently changed to Linux 9.3. At last I've completely left the crashing, hanging, frequently frustrating world of Windows period XP Pro.
Whatever you've heard about the difficulties about installing and using Linux forget it.
All the talk about only Professors, intellectuals, sandle wearing hippies and weirdo geeks using it are simply a lie promulgated by the crushing tank that calls itself Microsoft, Bill and the boyz, Microsucks.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 11:44 05 Nov 2005

Envious of wealth then are we?


  sharkfin 12:31 05 Nov 2005

I tried linux last week. Xandros 3.0, and althought it was a nice operating system. It would recognise my Modem so I couldn't browse. (Its not compatible) and also my games didnt work. Most of the software I find on linux seems to be inferior to the PC equivalent both in functionality and appearance. After a day, I went back to windows XP. Then I realised just how good this operating system is. I will never go back unless more than 50% of the population is using it and more commercial developers start develpoing software for it. Buts that seems very unlikly huh?

I bet you'll end up back to windows soon, lol.

  Forum Editor 13:07 05 Nov 2005

that you like Linux, and hate Microsoft.

That's all very well, but we have a Linux thread running already, and it contains comment that is considerably more interesting than this contribution.

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